Jul 31, 2013

The Power of Aluminium!

It is the great modern industrial product; and lends itself very well to home renovation, thanks to its diversity. Aluminium is affordable, safe, and it is really appropriate, it can be used more than almost any other metal. If it is alloyed with different materials, it be made variably stronger or more malleable, heavier or lighter, depending on what you need it for, and is therefore often used for foundations, fittings, and finishes in the home, because it is light and durable. So, if you are doing a home construction or renovation, you should consider how you can incorporate aluminium. You can get creative with aluminium thanks to its versatility. Speak to your builder about how to incorporate it.

It is inexpensive, durable, widely usable and versatile, nontoxic, easily alloyed and easily worked with, and naturally abundant, it is so popular in modern building.Aluminium has scientific  advantages too. It is a wonderful thing to use in home construction and renovation due to its high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and recyclability. The recyclability of aluminium is of particular importance to its sustainability, especially because of how widely used it is. The buildings of today can be used as aluminium resources for the buildings of the future, meaning that it has major energy and resource advantages. Being a flexible metal, it can be alloyed and worked for all sorts of different purposes and into almost any form or shape, while still retaining strength. When alloyed with a metal like magnesium, aluminium is virtually as strong as steel. Aluminium is durable, and it is also impermeable, so very effective for keeping out light and air.  Being non-magnetic and non-sparking means that it can used near explosives without a problem, and is also an effective thermal barrier, which means both that it can act as a barrier against heat, and a conductor of heat, depending on its application.Aluminium reflects heat and is impervious to rust, so you can be confident in using it in any outdoor capacity, it will last a long time without a problem.

Suppliers like Aluminium Trade Centre in Melbourne can show you the different types of aluminium available. Aluminium is very safe to work with so you can incorporate it into your DIY projects without a worry for health and safety. That's more than you can say for some cheap building materials! Here are some ways in which you can save money, save the environment, and make sure that your renovation is long lasting and easy to maintain.

Aluminium can great to use in the following ways:

·         Window shutters
·         Gates
·         Joinery
·         As cladding or as a gutter. Aluminium doesn't rust, so it will make a good gutter. It is also light and sturdy, so even if your house is surrounded by trees it should hold.
·         Stairs and verandahs
·         Furniture
·         As a shed or shelter or pagoda. Sheet aluminium is the best outdoor material.
·         Bathroom fittings and fixtures
·         Air conditioners
·         Humidifiers
·         Any kind of frame, particularly for solar panels
·         Beams
·         Garages
·         An outdoor patio or outdoor fittings like benches
·         Ponds
·         Doors
·         Door frames
·         Swimming pools
·         Child-proof fences
·         Slides, swings, and play equipment for children
·         Tables
·         Pagodas and shade givers
·         Planter boxes and pots for your plants
·         Fencing and balustrades
·         Windows, doors and other opening. Doing your windows right is a great way to save energy
·         Scaffolding
·         Use it to make your letter box! Make this a DIY project!
·         Security screens and doors
·         Use aluminium to glaze.

Easy and Affordable Landscaping Ideas

I will always remember a sentence that one of my design instructors used frequently: if the eyes are a mirror of the soul, a garden is a mirror to the owner's personality. If you think this is a bit extreme, think about what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you drive past a neglected garden or front yard. And don't get me wrong, it does take a fair deal of effort to keep a garden in decent shape, and considering the hectic schedules that most of us have today, the last thing you want to be doing when you get home from a busy day in the office is to don your gardener gloves and start digging or transplanting. And if you cannot relax and take a day off on the weekend, when can you?

Over the years, I developed an interest in coming up with creative and simple landscaping ideas. And although we all would like to have thousands of pounds available to invest in landscaping, most of us have to make do with a rather limited budget. If this situation rings a bell, read on for some tips on how to make the most of your garden easily and without spending all your savings in the process.

Know your garden

Next time you have some time off, observe carefully your how much light your garden receives and in which areas. Unfortunately, common mistakes like planting a tree that requires full sun in a less than optimal area can turn out to be costly. So the first step to save money in your landscaping projects is to know your garden like the back of your hand.

Minimise lawn care

Admittedly, there is much pleasure to be drawn from owning a lawn where the grass is perfectly green, lush, and cut to the right height. But did you know that British homeowners spend more than £400 million a year on lawn care? Personally, I have no quibbles in recommending artificial grass for that perfect grass look. There are some great companies out there, like Perfect Grass Ltd., that sell high-quality artificial grass that looks just like the real thing. Even some National Trust venues have resorted to artificial grass recently!

One plant, two (or more) functions

So you want your plants to give your privacy from neighbours and passersby while adding a touch of charm to your garden, and if they give any fruits, so much the better. To do all that on a budget, you need to go for double-duty plants, such as apple trees, blueberry shrubs, thyme, and the underrated chive, which produces eye-catching lilac flowers in addition to being one of the most versatile herbs.

Colour me beautiful

Regardless of the size of your garden, make sure to use the colours of plants, flowers, and ornaments to create contrasting patterns. This simple solution will immediately light up any garden and make it look like a dream come true. And you don't need to break the bank to get a few begonias, pansies, lavender, artemisias, or Jerusalem sage.

Jul 28, 2013

Use the Best Lamp for Lighting Your Home

Genesis Lamp Corporation is the premier leader in both industrial and home lighting solutions. Genesis Lamp online inventory consists of a large selection of specialty lighting solutions and Tungsten Halogen Light Bulbs.

With more than nine types of Halogen Light Bulbs available online, industrial and home-based shoppers can easily find the lighting solution that fits their needs. From Halogen Globe lightbulbs to Single-Ended Halogen lightbulbs, the Genesis Lamp Corporation online is the place to shop.

Search through the GenesisLamp.com store to find 12V, 24V, and 120V Bi-Pen Halogen Lamps. Genesis Lamp Corporation also stocks BT Shaped Halogen bulbs in single packs and double packs. Other halogen replacement bulbs from GenesisLamp.com include Double Ended Halogen lightbulbs, several styles and volts of Capsylite A-Line Halogen Bulbs, and Tubular T10 Tungsten Halogen Lighting solutions.

Par Halogen lightbulbs at the Genesis Lamp Corporation includes par 64 lamp bulbs, par 29 lamp bulbs, and par 36 lamp bulbs. This lighting warehouse also provide MR16 Halogen lights, and MR11 Halogen lights, and Tru-aim Sylvania MR16 Halogen bulbs. From Tungsten 6V lightbulbs to Tungsten 12V lightbulbs, the Genesis Lamp Corporation carries the ideal lighting solution for any home, office or warehouse. Lighting solutions at GenesisLamp.com also consists of incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and HID lightbulbs.

The Genesis Lamp Corporation is the go-to lighting company for florescent lightbulbs, obstruction lightbulbs and airport lightbulbs solutions. Customers have come to recognize the Genesis Lamp Corporation for its fast shipping practices and outstanding service. Browse GenesisLamp.com and find the business lighting, industrial lighting, and home lightings solutions that are offered with easy online ordering.

Jul 27, 2013

On a Bridge

The shadows and umbrella girl. During rainy and hot day, she rents the umbrella to visitors.

Location : Ah Poong Sentul City (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) 

Setting The Right Mood, When Designing Your Living Room

Are you in the process of redesigning your living room but don’t where to go next? Are you trying to cultivate a specific look but struggling to achieve what you want? Have you thought about the lighting you might use to accentuate your new look living room? If you haven’t – you really should start carefully considering it. Despite the fact that lighting accounts for 70% of a room’s overall mood and essence, many people still don’t give it too much thought when redesigning rooms in their house.

Lighting is everything. It can change a room in an instant. It can be warm and cosy or bright and stimulating. It can be pure and clinical or it can be fun and vibrant. Lighting can be anything and everything you need it to be. You’ve just got to know what you want from it first. Here’s a guide to setting the right mood when designing your living room.

Go Multiple

According to FreshHome.com, multiple light sources are a great way to mesh decoration and functionality. This technique works particularly well for living rooms because they’re such diverse spaces. Just think about all of the different activities that can be carried out in a lounge or living room – watching television, reading, resting, board games, eating and much more. Why not opt for a signature floor lamp beside a favourite couch or reading armchair? Or perhaps you could have a bright, main ceiling light and then two or three more atmospheric wall lights dotted about the room.

Think About The Transition From Day To Night

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your living room, you must keep in the mind the transition from daylight to evening time. If you choose the wrong light bulbs, you’ll end up watching your evening soap operas in either total darkness or piercing white light – a thing which most people agree should be avoided. Don’t just install functional lighting – atmospheric lighting must have its place in your living room too. Recessed lighting can be great for the transition from day to night, especially if it’s got dimmer capabilities. Recessed lighting is fitted every so slightly further into a wall than standard lighting, giving it a softer, more soothing effect, say the experts at PressRelease.com. This type of lighting tends to look superb when used to accentuate a modern, contemporary living room.

Lots Of Lamps

Lamps can be a great way to light your living room. They’re small, fairly inexpensive and they can be placed almost anywhere. A good way to create ambience in a room is to fill it with a variety of interesting and unique table lamps, because they double up as accessories too. Plus, you can utilise as many or as few as you like at any one time. If your living room is decorated in a very modern, contemporary fashion – stick with minimalist designs that feature lots of chrome, grey and black. If your living room is a little warmer, however, you can most likely get away with filling the space with lots of different, contrasting pieces. Coloured bulbs look great when used with pretty, interesting desk and floor lamps, says the eBay guide to lighting.

Wall Lights Make A Room Larger

If you’re cursed with quite a small living room that tends to look cluttered, it can be a good idea to try wall based lighting. Wall lights make a room appear larger, especially if they’re fitted above the level of your furniture. This is because they create the illusion of different zones and spheres within a room, visually extending it and causing it to appear wider and longer.

Jul 26, 2013

Home Decor - How Industrial Glass Can Glamourise Your Home

Decor is a huge part of any building, but still a lot of them look the same; following the same boring styles and colour schemes. So why not change it up a little? Add a little bit of industrial privacy or decorative glass to your home. It will certainly be unique.

Privacy Glass

You may think that this glass is reserved just for businesses and enterprises, well it isn't. Specialist privacy and intelligent glass is a fabulous and practical feature to include in your home . If your living area and dining room merge into one you should consider installing a privacy glass partition, as with the flick of a switch you can create the illusion these two rooms are separate. It is fabulous if you are trying to have a romantic meal with your partner and desire a little privacy. Because it is transparent the majority of the time it will not cause your room to look small.

Decorative Glass

When we think of glass, we usually just think windows. Glass can actually be so much more than just a tool that enables you to see outside from the inside, it is actually a beautiful form of interior decoration. If you are serious about innovative interior design you may want to consider a decorative and intelligent glass feature in your home or business.

The Dream Glass Group offers a range of decorative glass ideas that you can use for inspiration in your home.

Uses of Decorative Glass

-       Gorgeous splash backs. The kitchen should look as glamorous as any other room in your home
-       Bathroom cabinets. Your bathroom should look and feel luxurious, when the light bounces off glass it is nothing short of beautiful helping you to feel completely relaxed
-    Stairs and stair flights as coloured stairs that glisten under bright lights, are perfect for a funky, futuristic home
-       Flooring designs. Create your very own disco-inspired floor
-       Glass partitions and room dividers are great when you desire privacy
-       Tables, bedside tables, glass counter tops. A modern material for creating a sensationally stylish home.
-       Decorative glass windows as this shows the outside world how utterly fabulous you and your taste are.

Marvellously Modern

For a gorgeous, clean and undeniably chic look, you should consider a glass flooring design in your living room. Place the coffee table on top for a really innovative and beautiful effect. By using glass on the floor you are marking out sections, like a rug, but it is a lot more glamorous and makes the room appear larger. You can even have objects installed beneath the glass for a really exciting and unique interior. This feature feels wonderfully cool against your feet in the Spring/Summer months but don't worry it is not uncomfortable or unusable in Winter either.

The Dream Glass Group are intelligent glass specialists who specialise in privacy and decorative glass. If you want your home's interior design to stand out against your friends or neighbours adding a glass feature will definitely do the trick.


Shirley Jones writes regularly on innovative home design for a range of design websites and blogs. She is impressed with the decorative intelligent glass the DreamGlass Group has to offer.

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