Jul 26, 2013

Home Decor - How Industrial Glass Can Glamourise Your Home

Decor is a huge part of any building, but still a lot of them look the same; following the same boring styles and colour schemes. So why not change it up a little? Add a little bit of industrial privacy or decorative glass to your home. It will certainly be unique.

Privacy Glass

You may think that this glass is reserved just for businesses and enterprises, well it isn't. Specialist privacy and intelligent glass is a fabulous and practical feature to include in your home . If your living area and dining room merge into one you should consider installing a privacy glass partition, as with the flick of a switch you can create the illusion these two rooms are separate. It is fabulous if you are trying to have a romantic meal with your partner and desire a little privacy. Because it is transparent the majority of the time it will not cause your room to look small.

Decorative Glass

When we think of glass, we usually just think windows. Glass can actually be so much more than just a tool that enables you to see outside from the inside, it is actually a beautiful form of interior decoration. If you are serious about innovative interior design you may want to consider a decorative and intelligent glass feature in your home or business.

The Dream Glass Group offers a range of decorative glass ideas that you can use for inspiration in your home.

Uses of Decorative Glass

-       Gorgeous splash backs. The kitchen should look as glamorous as any other room in your home
-       Bathroom cabinets. Your bathroom should look and feel luxurious, when the light bounces off glass it is nothing short of beautiful helping you to feel completely relaxed
-    Stairs and stair flights as coloured stairs that glisten under bright lights, are perfect for a funky, futuristic home
-       Flooring designs. Create your very own disco-inspired floor
-       Glass partitions and room dividers are great when you desire privacy
-       Tables, bedside tables, glass counter tops. A modern material for creating a sensationally stylish home.
-       Decorative glass windows as this shows the outside world how utterly fabulous you and your taste are.

Marvellously Modern

For a gorgeous, clean and undeniably chic look, you should consider a glass flooring design in your living room. Place the coffee table on top for a really innovative and beautiful effect. By using glass on the floor you are marking out sections, like a rug, but it is a lot more glamorous and makes the room appear larger. You can even have objects installed beneath the glass for a really exciting and unique interior. This feature feels wonderfully cool against your feet in the Spring/Summer months but don't worry it is not uncomfortable or unusable in Winter either.

The Dream Glass Group are intelligent glass specialists who specialise in privacy and decorative glass. If you want your home's interior design to stand out against your friends or neighbours adding a glass feature will definitely do the trick.


Shirley Jones writes regularly on innovative home design for a range of design websites and blogs. She is impressed with the decorative intelligent glass the DreamGlass Group has to offer.
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