Jul 28, 2013

Use the Best Lamp for Lighting Your Home

Genesis Lamp Corporation is the premier leader in both industrial and home lighting solutions. Genesis Lamp online inventory consists of a large selection of specialty lighting solutions and Tungsten Halogen Light Bulbs.

With more than nine types of Halogen Light Bulbs available online, industrial and home-based shoppers can easily find the lighting solution that fits their needs. From Halogen Globe lightbulbs to Single-Ended Halogen lightbulbs, the Genesis Lamp Corporation online is the place to shop.

Search through the GenesisLamp.com store to find 12V, 24V, and 120V Bi-Pen Halogen Lamps. Genesis Lamp Corporation also stocks BT Shaped Halogen bulbs in single packs and double packs. Other halogen replacement bulbs from GenesisLamp.com include Double Ended Halogen lightbulbs, several styles and volts of Capsylite A-Line Halogen Bulbs, and Tubular T10 Tungsten Halogen Lighting solutions.

Par Halogen lightbulbs at the Genesis Lamp Corporation includes par 64 lamp bulbs, par 29 lamp bulbs, and par 36 lamp bulbs. This lighting warehouse also provide MR16 Halogen lights, and MR11 Halogen lights, and Tru-aim Sylvania MR16 Halogen bulbs. From Tungsten 6V lightbulbs to Tungsten 12V lightbulbs, the Genesis Lamp Corporation carries the ideal lighting solution for any home, office or warehouse. Lighting solutions at GenesisLamp.com also consists of incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and HID lightbulbs.

The Genesis Lamp Corporation is the go-to lighting company for florescent lightbulbs, obstruction lightbulbs and airport lightbulbs solutions. Customers have come to recognize the Genesis Lamp Corporation for its fast shipping practices and outstanding service. Browse GenesisLamp.com and find the business lighting, industrial lighting, and home lightings solutions that are offered with easy online ordering.
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