Jul 12, 2013

Some Useful Facts about Instrumentation Stands and Tripods

Many of us are not aware of the benefits of supportable stands and their importance in our life. These stands are usually manufactured from small bore tubes. These pipes were used in maintaining the various instrumentation processes, such as flow meters and temperature sensors. Many companies stress on building different support instruments that can be used for both normal everyday purpose and for industrial works. You can even order a customized stand according to your preference. 

Standard Features
Carbon steel is considered to be the main component for these stands. The steel is usually galvanized for achieving a finishing effect. Generally a standard the width of a standard steel base is about 3/8” thick. Each and every stand is solitary weldment. This is acquired prior to the final process. They are dip in hot galvanized solution from both the outside and the inside surface. The reason behind base openings is for the correct galvanizing and welding process. It also helps to drain away all water waste from within.

They are sometimes equipped with holes to cover holes when required. The usual colors in which you will get them are safety yellow color and white. These colors are generally used. The customer can get his or her desired color when specified properly in the custom order application. They are furnished with a powder coat to achieve a lasting effect. It is also known by the name of polyester paint. Some of them are colored with epoxy paints.

Heavy Duty Stands
The base of heavy instrumentation stands are generally cast in iron for maximum stability and strength. Generally, three castors are used. These castors are fitted with rubber tyres for free mobility. These tyres can be easily retracted to the base for with the aid of a foot pedal. All these stands rest on around three screws that can be adjusted accordingly. They are also fitted with locking bolts and nuts, which eventually allows you to level the stand on uneven and rough surfaces.

The middle tube of these stands can be lowered and raised with the aid of four spoke adjustment screws. The chief tubes are generally outlined with seamless steel. They are also fitted with clamping collars at the uppermost end. Usually, they are made to go through air check mechanism. This allows preventing the instrument to descent rapidly, even if the levers are suddenly released

Tripods are mainly used for light weight activities, such as photo shooting and shoot trainings. They are well known for their easy portability feature. The main material that is used for making these stands is generally non corrosive in nature. Almost all of them are water proof and can be used in almost all sorts of environments.

Industrial stands are widely used by both industries and common people. Now, you can get a customized stand by placing an order in any online industrial stand manufacturing company. However, it is essential for you to compare the prices before clicking the order tab.

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