Jul 11, 2013

What Can You Expect When You Emigrate to New Zealand?

Emigrating to a new country is a big decision, but one that can offer substantial benefits. Moving to New Zealand could offer you a better standard of living for you and your family. If you're interested in emigrating, what do you need to consider before you leave?

Everyone's dreamed of moving to a new country at some point, but we don't all have the determination to make this a reality. New Zealand is a favoured country because of its close links with the UK and due to its similar climate. Before you pack your suitcase, though, there are some areas that you need to look into.

New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth and is fortunate to have cultural influences from across the globe, including British, Irish and American. The traditional Maori tribes still maintain their specific culture through dance and music. The country consists of two main islands and a collection of smaller ones.

New Zealand's economy

For those considering permanent moves to New Zealand, the strength of the economy is vitally important. Compared with other developed nations, they've weathered the financial downturn relatively well. Their unemployment levels remain fairly low at 3.8% and the country is starting to become less dependent on agriculture.

To start work you'll need an appropriate visa and a Tax Code Declaration. Most types of visa require you to have an offer of work before applying. There are a number of professional and skilled occupations that are required in the country. They're particularly keen on workers in the following industries:








 Oil and gas


The benefits system in New Zealand is not contribution based, but it is compulsory for workers and employers to contribute to the Accident Compensation Scheme. For those who need to claim benefits, there are restrictions in place for foreign nationals that require them to be resident in the country for a specific period. Agreements are in place that speed up the process for British nationals.

The New Zealand lifestyle

One of the reasons people choose to move to New Zealand is for the quality of life. The climate is temperate, so the country benefits from warm and dry summers followed by mild and wet winters. There are large areas of green space, as well as beaches, forests and mountains. Population density is relatively low, making the country seem much quieter and more open than others of its size.

New Zealanders have a more relaxed pace of life and enjoy shorter commutes. The difference in the cost of living will depend on where you're moving from. However, as a guide, according to the Mercer 2012/13 Cost of Living Survey, London is the 26th most expensive city in the world, whereas Auckland and Wellington are ranked 56th and 74th respectively.

Deciding on permanent moves to New Zealand is not a decision you can make lightly. It's a good idea to visit the country first or have someone you know living there already, so you know what to expect.

Rebecca Lees writes about emigration for a range of travel and property websites. Born in the UK, Rebecca is one of many Brits who've decided to make permanent moves to New Zealand.
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