Jul 9, 2013

Take Your Luxurious Downtime to the Bottom of the Garden

Time is precious to us all. Everyone works hard and needs some time out. Make the most of your outdoor space by creating yourself a little haven of your own. Choose your furniture carefully and you'll have somewhere to enjoy for years to come.

An Extension of Your Home Without the Price Tag

The aim of creating living space outside must be to create something you want to use. It needs to be practical to fit in with your life and the space should reflect your personality.

A Social Space

Most people choose to use their outdoor space to spend time with friends. Al fresco dining, sharing a glass of wine with friends, or spreading out to read the Sunday papers all need comfortable seating. Some luxury outdoor furniture will make your space feel more special. Spend as much as you can afford and spend more time outside, weather permitting, of course.

Given the unpredictability of British weather, it is worth investing in waterproof materials or at least a screen or umbrella to protect against sun, wind or rain.

Popular materials for outdoor furniture include:




        Stainless steel


A Private Space

If you need somewhere to get away from it all by yourself, consider a hammock or hanging pod chair. Although there is something very romantic about slinging a hammock between two trees, you needn't live in an orchard as trees are no longer essential, with so many freestanding designs available.

Choosing the Right Material

There are several things to consider when choosing the material for your furniture. Black in clothing might be chic, but because it absorbs heat, it can get very hot in direct sunlight. This won't be comfortable on warm summer days when you and your guests might be wearing shorts. In contrast, white and silver (and other lighter colours) reflect the sunlight so can be difficult to look at, even indirectly, when the sun is out.

For wooden furniture, there is a huge range of stylish cushions available that not only add a lovely splash of colour to your garden, but are also a great way to inject your personality, just as you would inside your home.

Consider where you will store your furniture and accessories. They might be able to stay outside in the short term, but certainly over the winter months, you will need somewhere to put things away.

Whatever style or purpose you choose for your outdoor space, plan it carefully and execute it well and you will find it becomes an extension of your home for a fraction of the price of building new walls. There is no need for planning consent either, unless you are building permanent structures. If you factor in some lighting, too (think lanterns, fairy lights, flares or solar powered lights), you'll be able to use your luxury garden furniture well into the evening and get even more use out of it.


Mary James writes regularly on style-related topics for various websites and blogs. She specialises in interior design and accessorizing and has recently redesigned his own garden to make more of the available space. Buying some beautiful luxury outdoor furniture ensures she has an al fresco dining area.
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