Jul 27, 2013

Setting The Right Mood, When Designing Your Living Room

Are you in the process of redesigning your living room but don’t where to go next? Are you trying to cultivate a specific look but struggling to achieve what you want? Have you thought about the lighting you might use to accentuate your new look living room? If you haven’t – you really should start carefully considering it. Despite the fact that lighting accounts for 70% of a room’s overall mood and essence, many people still don’t give it too much thought when redesigning rooms in their house.

Lighting is everything. It can change a room in an instant. It can be warm and cosy or bright and stimulating. It can be pure and clinical or it can be fun and vibrant. Lighting can be anything and everything you need it to be. You’ve just got to know what you want from it first. Here’s a guide to setting the right mood when designing your living room.

Go Multiple

According to FreshHome.com, multiple light sources are a great way to mesh decoration and functionality. This technique works particularly well for living rooms because they’re such diverse spaces. Just think about all of the different activities that can be carried out in a lounge or living room – watching television, reading, resting, board games, eating and much more. Why not opt for a signature floor lamp beside a favourite couch or reading armchair? Or perhaps you could have a bright, main ceiling light and then two or three more atmospheric wall lights dotted about the room.

Think About The Transition From Day To Night

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your living room, you must keep in the mind the transition from daylight to evening time. If you choose the wrong light bulbs, you’ll end up watching your evening soap operas in either total darkness or piercing white light – a thing which most people agree should be avoided. Don’t just install functional lighting – atmospheric lighting must have its place in your living room too. Recessed lighting can be great for the transition from day to night, especially if it’s got dimmer capabilities. Recessed lighting is fitted every so slightly further into a wall than standard lighting, giving it a softer, more soothing effect, say the experts at PressRelease.com. This type of lighting tends to look superb when used to accentuate a modern, contemporary living room.

Lots Of Lamps

Lamps can be a great way to light your living room. They’re small, fairly inexpensive and they can be placed almost anywhere. A good way to create ambience in a room is to fill it with a variety of interesting and unique table lamps, because they double up as accessories too. Plus, you can utilise as many or as few as you like at any one time. If your living room is decorated in a very modern, contemporary fashion – stick with minimalist designs that feature lots of chrome, grey and black. If your living room is a little warmer, however, you can most likely get away with filling the space with lots of different, contrasting pieces. Coloured bulbs look great when used with pretty, interesting desk and floor lamps, says the eBay guide to lighting.

Wall Lights Make A Room Larger

If you’re cursed with quite a small living room that tends to look cluttered, it can be a good idea to try wall based lighting. Wall lights make a room appear larger, especially if they’re fitted above the level of your furniture. This is because they create the illusion of different zones and spheres within a room, visually extending it and causing it to appear wider and longer.
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