Sep 30, 2014

4 Ways of Glamorising a Small Apartment

Though there is still some time till the New Year eve, but perhaps it is about time that you give a serious thought to adding some glamour and glow to your few years’ old interior decor. Redecorating your place is a good idea, especially if you are a bit low on financial side as well as in the living space at your disposal. However, being low on finances doesn’t mean you have lost your right to enjoy a lovely new year in a lovely new-looking place. So, here I am with 4 ways of glamorising a small living room

Small Living Room Decor

1.      Splashing some colour
There can’t be anything simpler than adding new life into your old apartment decor by splashing a coat of paint around. However, you need to be careful in choosing the hues. Popular colour choices on every wall might turn out too overwhelming for you, so I suggest resorting to lighter shades with exception of a single accent wall, adding the ‘X’ factor to your interior. It will surely revive and refresh your room interior.

2.      Tweaking Your Bedroom Furniture
Well, you are lucky to be living in this time and place in many respects; it has been never so easy tweaking your old furniture to get new life, than it is today. One way of doing so is by painting or staining the furniture (only when done appropriately). You can go for shading your nightstands and dressers in any of the contemporary colours like teal or pink, grey and so forth. These items can also be stained with a dark varnish, incorporating a classic antique look. Make sure there is no dust and dirt on surfaces you are about to treat. And if this sounds too much to you, you might simply change your linens and sheets. Matching it with curtains can bring about a unique freshness into the ambiance of the room.  You can also think about changing your old bed with any of the new storage beds available in market, especially if you want to add some spare space and neatness in the room.

3.      “Outfitting” your couch
I bet you will stop laughing and start jumping with joy as soon as you see the results of this funny looking phrase in your living room. If bringing in new furniture and couches sounds too physically and financially demanding, you can show your love and affection to your old living room furniture by simply getting new outfits or upholstering for your couches and chairs. Again, if you feel intimidated by the idea of a staple gun treating yards of fabric, you can simply resort to ready made chair and couch covers, which won’t be as costly as new furnishing for sure.

4.      Redefining your mementos
There is a popular trend surfacing in the world of DIY decor and that is to make the best out of your memories by turning them into art pieces. We are not talking about getting your best report card framed, but something more serious and personal; for example, your first ticket to a concert as a group of high school friends. And the list could go on and on, the key is to get the idea implemented.

When there is a will, there is a way!

Which Industrial Blender is Right for Your Company?

Industrial blenders can make quick work of almost anything placed inside. Though similar to traditional blenders in terms of how this units work, you'll find industrial designs that are large enough for you to stand inside. Companies that use these blenders include bakeries, commercial manufacturers and even restaurants that make their own ice creams and smoothies. Using an industrial design can increase your overall sales, but you need to know which one is right for you.

Ribbon Blender
Ribbon blender
A ribbon blender features large sharp metal pieces that move in a circular motion. Those pieces form a ribbon shape that runs down the center of the machine to ensure that the edges cut through all areas of the ingredients placed inside.

Continuous Blender

If you want something that you can set and forget, you'll want a continuous blender. As long as there are ingredients placed inside, it will keep moving and blending until you hit the power button. Many newer designs feature safety mechanisms that shut the machine off when an emergency occurs.

Paddle Blender

You might see paddle blenders used by bakeries and restaurants. Instead of sharp blades, these blenders use paddles that spin along set spaces in the blender to better incorporate ingredients.

Fluidizer Blender
Fluidizer blender
Looking for something that will pulverize nearly anything you place inside? Check this out. A fluidizer blender is easily the biggest and baddest blender on the market. Multiple sharp paddles placed throughout the machine move constantly to pulverize ingredients, which makes it a popular choice in smoothie shops. Look at all the different types of industrial blenders before making your final decision. 

Sep 29, 2014

Interesting Facts about Wrought Iron Gates

For centuries, the beauty and safety of the wrought iron gates and fences have been a vital component of homes in Melbourne. These not only appear great but are available in many designs and endless possibilities. Through the years these have gained immense popularity owing to their versatility and functionality. A wrought iron gate will offer a welcoming and relaxed entrance to any dwelling while merging a feel of traditional elegance nearly with almost all design styles. No matter whether one desires complicated and intricate detailing or tranquillity of soft curves and straight lines, they are sure to find a piece for fulfilling their taste preferences and needs.

Areas of application
Wrought iron gates in Melbourne are widely used in the following areas,

  •  Commercial properties
  •  Domestic properties
  •   Schools
  • Parks
  •  Churches
  •  Others

Check out the winning attributes

  •  Gates made of wrought iron have stood the test of time and are in great demand for several generations. This metal possesses the power of retaining its style for years indicating that these are just ideal for outdoor use.
  •  Cleaning is generally easy and requires wiping it with a soft damp cloth.
  • It gives the home a welcoming and warm feel.
  •  A wrought iron gate is much stronger compared to those made from vinyl or wood. As wrought iron is tough to break/crack, it has an upper hand over others for security purposes. Its durability also indicates that these gates will last longer.
  • These have easy maintenance particularly if the gates are painted as paint will prevent the small pits which are likely to appear in the material from collecting substances which may lead them to corrode.
  • Gates made of wrought iron have ornamental features which will beautifully accent one’s landscaping and yard. Being a heavy-duty material, wrought iron is ideal to offer security and protection devoid of making any compromise on the look and appearance of the property.
  •  It offers a good amount of privacy.
  •  It can increase the home’s resale value manifold.
  • Such gates are easily accessible in a plethora of sizes, styles, patterns and designs to pick from according to one’s requirements and  budget.

Wrought iron gates have been the right choice always for keeping people safe and secure against criminal activities. Designed from top quality metal it is highly regarded for its look, quality and durability. Along with augmenting the security level and protection of one’s building, these gates also work wonders in enhancing the look of one’s residential or commercial premises. A wrought iron gate can fight the harsh climatic conditions as well as are incredibly simple and easy to maintain. Via installing these gates in one’s property, the owner can benefit to a great degree from the home insurance discounts. The workmanship and design qualities of wrought iron gates available in Melbourne are aesthetically pleasing too and can also bring extra protection. Besides, one is sure to get a style to suit their dwelling. Custom made gates indeed are a fantastic means to portray a fashion towards individuality. So, one should gear up to give their home or office the style, grace and distinction of wrought iron and at the same time attain peace of mind.

About the Author - In this article Agnetha Dickens has clearly highlighted on what makes wrought iron gates a vital component of homes in Melbourne. She has also laid emphasis on the winning features and wide usage of wrought iron gates in Melbourne

Artworks on Underpass Wall

Captured last Friday when I was passing through the Bogor pedestrian underpass.

  I share some artworks made by young local artists that have yellow touches for Monday Mellow Yellows

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