Sep 24, 2014

Five Cool Backyard Projects Requiring Earthmoving Machinery

When it comes to relaxing, nowhere is as convenient and as comfortable as the back garden. If you’re thinking of improving this area in some way, there are a number of backyard projects which you can undertake. Some of these are quite major and involve the use of heavy machinery. It is these which are most beneficial though as you can conduct some fairly extensive improvements and create the perfect outdoor area in your home.

Swimming Pools

The most common major upgrade to any garden is the swimming pool. These can come in a variety of styles, both in and above the ground. First, you should look at the many different types and shapes of swimming pool and work out which is best suited to your garden. When installing these outdoor additions, you’ll need some heavy machinery to dig into the dirt and create a solid base to hold the pool. Whether this is a hole in the ground or a flat foundation depends on the design that you’ve chosen. Just make sure you hire the right equipment so your pool is stable afterwards.

Water Features

You can also use water in other different ways, all of which require the use of a local agency specialising in earthmoving  equipment hire. Some of the most popular found in gardens around the world include these recommended additions:

·         Ponds
·         Waterfalls
·         Fountains

These can come in a number of designs to suit your yard. For instance, you can erect a small cascade that flows into your swimming pool. You can also place a gushing fountain next to your patio for an extra touch when entertaining guests. In either case, you’ll need some decent excavation equipment to properly lay down the plumbing and the foundations for these garden additions.

Granny Flats

If your garden is large enough, why not add an external building there? While the granny flat is the most standard version of these small garden structures, they actually have numerous other uses as well:

·         Bedroom for your teenager
·         Separate home office
·         Outdoor home theatre
·         External storage facility

Since these are proper buildings with plumbing and electric wiring, you’ll need to dig up the ground in your garden in order to lay down the foundations and utility connections. The added cost of hiring different types of earthmoving equipment will be worth it though as you can then construct your granny flat or home office in a stable, durable manner.

Paving or Asphalt

You might also want to lay down some tiles, timber planks or asphalt to make a flat area in your back yard. These areas can be used for the following different purposes all of which add value and functionality to your garden:

·         Driveways
·         Patios
·         BBQ pits
·         Balconies
·         Terraces

Depending on the dimensions of your garden and the design you’ve chosen for these flat surfaces, you may have to contact an expert in excavator hire. For instance, you might wish to make an inclined garden flatter to accommodate seating. You may also want to create a multi-level setup to create a tiered effect to liven up your back yard.

Vegetable Gardens

Lastly, there’s always the option of planting some vegetables in your garden so you can then enjoy some fresh produce whenever you want. In order to design this outdoor setting in the right manner, you’ll have to plan your vegetable garden properly. This will involve the use of some excavators to ensure the ground is level enough for your plants while still being soft enough for the planting of the various types of seeds. While you can do this with a shovel and hoe, it’ll be much easier and fast by hiring some mechanical machinery instead. The added cost will be worth the speed in which you create your very own vegetable plantation!

If any of this has inspired you, we are definitely happy to help! Get out there and hire that heavy machinery and look forward to a back garden which exceeds your expectations in every way. From entertaining your guests on your patio next to your fountain to using the space for more practical means such as an office or for vegetables, there’s so much you can do with this outdoor area by using some excavators and other earthmoving equipment.

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