Sep 10, 2014


Well, congratulations on purchasing that new house of yours. Now that you are done with all the legal formalities involved, you must be thinking of how to lend it the much necessary touches to feel like a home. Furniture, gadgets, paints and so on will feature on your to do list, this time. However, one of the most important aspects that you need to pay close attention to is the lighting you introduce in your house. Regardless of interiors or exteriors of your house, lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming the overall appearance.

You need to get this correct; as this is particularly an aspect that can not only define your feeling towards your home, but also leave a lasting impression on the mind of visitors to your home. In order to achieve proper fittings and lighting arrangements, you need to understand the purpose of every room. Since, lighting can set the mood and contribute to your productivity levels considerably; a lot of thought and effort must be given in choosing the correct one.

Every room has got a personality of its own and it is best complimented by the type of lighting included in it. The amount of illumination required in bedroom will not be similar to that of study. Similarly, kitchen will need a different setting of lighting arrangement, which will be quite unlike the living room. Although kitchen and living room both need intense lighting set ups to brighten up the space; what can go in kitchen, will not be effective enough in case of a vast living room. On the other hand, study rooms require proper overhead lighting that illuminates the workspace and helps people to execute their paperwork there. So, it requires detailed and careful consideration of what sort of lighting goes inside your home to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Even there are some factors to consider when lighting up bedrooms. A young couple can enjoy bright hues in their room, but this change in case of older couples. Generally, old age brings in lot of health issues, of which eye sight troubles is a major one. Fixing up soft and subtle lighting that soothes the eye is the perfect choice for them. This creates a pleasing ambience and makes them relax. Then again, children’s room need to have a mix of both subtle and bright lights.

Things become better when the illumination level of every room can be regulated. This allows you to have liberty to change the feeling every room in the house generates, depending on the occasion at hand. So, if it is a quiet dinner you are planning with your family, you can reduce the illumination level and enjoy a peaceful candlelit dinner. Again, with only a turn of a knob you can change the ambience and get ready to welcome all to an amazing party. On the whole, irrespective of the occasion, you can have a nice time with wonderful lighting arrangements.

There are three layers of lighting that you can benefit from. These are task, accent and ambient. Task allows you to focus on areas where you will be carrying on with work, such as lighting under cabinet in a kitchen or lighting fixed in study room cabinets. Accent, on the other hand, are lighting that highlights certain elements of a room, such as sconces shedding light on a remarkable piece of artwork. Finally, ambient takes care of the entire overhead space. A smart and strategic blending of all these layers in various ways can create a spectacle in your household that will not only make you feel good, but also receive appreciation from your guests.

Using Original BTC (British manufactured) lighting or Astro Lighting as well as any other designer of classic yet contemporary lighting can change the entire space of your home and enhance its appeal incredibly. From pendant lights to wall, floor and table lights, every variety from such a reputed manufactures can create wonders to each and every room of your house. And if you think you have selected quite a great lot for the interiors, just take a step outside with light bulbs from these providers and get ready to turn exterior of your home around as well. With so many possibilities, you can hardly afford to miss out on producing the desired effect.

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