Sep 6, 2014

Seven Reasons to Insulate Your Home

Insulation is arguably one of the most important features to contribute to the comfort of your home. Without proper insulation your home needs more heating and cooling which not only costs you money but impacts negatively on the environment. Insulating your walls, underfloor and your roof will cut your energy bills substantially, protect your home from the elements and provide a more comfortable environment all year round.

·         Reduce your spend on heating during winter
Say goodbye to excessive use of expensive oil heaters, cumbersome gas burners and drying air conditioning by insulating your home. Insulating your home creates a barrier to hear transfer keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out.
·         Reduce your spend on cooling in summer
In the same way that insulating your home keeps the cold air out in winter, it does the reverse in summer and keeps the hot air out therefore keeping your home cooler.
·         Save money
Current estimates put the average cost savings on energy bills after installing insulation at between 20-40%.
·         Acoustic insulation
If you live in a noisy area or just have a house full of noisy kids then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the acoustic benefits of insulation. Acoustic insulation can reduce noise levels by up to 75% - perfect if there’s a budding drummer under your roof.
·         Environmentally-sound
Insulating your house not only brings superior comfort to your home but also means you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. With greater temperature control within your home there is  less need for energy-guzzling heating or cooling systems.
·         Better air quality
Sealing around old doors and windows will help keep dust and pollutants out and improve the quality of the air inside. It will also help reduce dampness and mould.
·         Add value to your property
By insulating your house you immediately add value. When it comes time to sell you can be confident that having installed insulation will certainly add to the market-value of your property.

Insulating your home is good for you, your pocket and the environment. As soon as you insulate your house you will notice a difference in the climate regardless of the time of year. So whether you want to keep cool this summer or keep cozy next winter, insulating your home will help you create the ideal internal temperature.

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Ecofoam Insulation are wall and underfloor insulation installers, specialising in the use of spray foam insulation.

Our spray foam insulation method means we can fill every nook, cranny, crevice and void. This greatly reduces air intrusion, air movement and heat transfer. Leading to lower heating costs in Winter and cooling costs in Summer and ensuring your home or office is comfortable all year round.

For more information, contact EcoFoam via our website:

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