Sep 9, 2014

Organize Child’s Bedroom according to Feng Shui

Have you created a space that can give positive vibration on child development? It starts from your child's bedroom. Here are some tips on how to organize a child's bedroom according to Feng Shui:

Room location.
Ideally, child's bedroom is located on the eastern or southern section of the property. These directions are fairly good to ease your child absorbing solar energy which represents growth. Another good choice is the western sector, especially for  hyperactive children.

Lamp with up-turned lights is ideal for child’s room. Avoid the lamp or lamp holder which made
​​of metal because it will easily conduct electromagnetic energy and pressure the flow of electricity in the room.

The chosen furniture is often tailored to the child's favorite. But it would be better if you choose bright colors and the shapes without angles. This form will be able to create a harmony atmosphere in the room and also comfort the child. Better yet, if you choose the type of furniture that is lightweight and simple so that the room doesn’t become congested and rigid.

Avoid the use of synthetic fabrics for cushions, bolsters and bed linen. Choose the type of soft cotton or natural kind. Soft material such as cotton will provide more comfort and no irritation on the child's skin.

Similar with the window curtains, using cotton or natural materials are the best. Especially if you choose the type of a roll up shade, which facilitate you to close it at night and open it during the day. Leave the curtains open times of day to get natural light of the sun (yang energy) which is good to activate the room's atmosphere.

Instead, close window at night to keep the yin energy required when the child fell asleep. Don’t place the back of the bed below the window. It will cause active energy inside the room so that your child can’t sleep well.

Wall color.
Shades of blue are very good colors for a child's room. Or hue of green and yellow could be another option. These colors are good for the growth of your child.

Wood is the best material. If there are more than one child sleeping in one room, keep them facing the same direction. It is also important to put the headrests attached to the solid walls of the room. Don’t let the bed messy. Avoid storing items under the bed. If you can’t avoid it, keep them in order without putting not used stuff anymore.

Avoid carpet as much as possible on the floor. Better to use wooden flooring since it’s healthy and easy to clean.

Storage boxes.
Put one or two boxes made ​​of wood as a place to store toys and other stuffs of your child. Don’t forget to teach your child picking up his toys when going to sleep. The neat room will soften the ch’i of your child's room.

Things that need to be avoided:
1. Don’t let your child sleep near electronic equipment (television, computer and others). Several studies have shown that the magnetic speakers of electronic equipments can change the electromagnetic field of a space. In fact, other studies refer to electronic devices, even after turned off, it still keep harmful static electric field.

If you already put the electronic device in the room, set the distance. Ideally, the minimum distance is 1.5 meters from the bedroom or hanging it on one wall of the room. But it is best to avoid the electronic devices in your child's bedroom.

2. Avoid placing a mirror directly facing the bed. The mirror is believed to evoke bad memories of the past. Scientifically, the mirror can magnify electromagnetic wave of the electrical energy that left in a room; it may annoy your child to think calmly.

Eight directions toward the head:

The direction is good for people with insomnia as inviting composure energy. This direction more fit for elderly who need a sense of spiritual peace and to be free from stress and fatigue.

2. Northeast :
The direction is not good for sleep. It will cause nightmare easily even tend to invite violence. However, the direction is fine if used for a limited period only. For example, to rise up the child’s low motivation.

3.East :
This direction is good for generating both the orientation of child’s growth and development. It can also evoke optimism so that the child will think that tomorrow is a new day and everything good may happen.

4.Southeast :
Good direction to develop communication, creativity, and social life of the child.

5.South :
Not a good direction to sleep well yet fine to increase passion. South is the direction that should be avoided for hyperactive children.

6. Southwest :
It’s the right direction to soothe and repair the relationship. However, this direction may cause your child too alert.

7.West :
The right direction to maintain a balance between sleep and tranquility. However, this direction will make the child lazy and less active. This direction is more appropriate for people who are already well established and used to live in the routine.

8.Northwest :
This direction brings one to sleep soundly with a sense of control and strong leadership. The direction should only for the elderly and those who have authority.

Data source: feng shui magazine.

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