Sep 23, 2014

Key Points for Home Decorating

As the place for gathering and receiving guests, the living room is the key room for home space design. While, the living room decorating is easiest place to leave regrets and make mistakes. And it will cause a lot of troubles in the future. The experts from melody home summarize some of easy to make mistake places in home decorating.

Not too many spotlights for the living room
Many people pursue the beautiful scenery created by the lights. Therefore, they install the spotlights as many as possible. In fact, this is a big mistake. First, too many spotlights may cause safety problem. Though these spotlights are not in high watt, it gathers strong heat on the small bulb, which will raise the temperature in a short time. If use it for a long time, it may bring you fire disaster. Second, these spots lights usually opens when the guests come or in festivals. That is to say, it seldom use at usual times. Lots of people regret buying these lights. They insisted that they spend money buying a mistake. Therefore, you should insist the little principle for spotlights.

No low end flooring tiles for living room
In home decorating, the tile is a huge expenditure, which has large scalability. For the expensive ones, it may cost hundreds of dollars for one brick. But for the cheap one, it may buy one by several dollars. For the sake of saving expenditure, many salariats are not willing to spend too much money on the top grade tiles. Actually, this is a wrong concept. Everyone knows that the tiles belong to grind items. It is not wear resisting for the cheap ones. After a long period, the trails will be stepped out. What is more, the cheap one is not skid resistance, which is easy to cause unintentional injuries. Therefore, when choosing tiles, you should pick the one with fine quality.

Not the cheap ones for the electric wires and water pipe
If your economic condition permits, every item for the decorating should be qualified. So is for the electric wire and water pipe. It will cause potential danger if you use inferior ones.

Enough power sockets
Some people think that they may save some electric wire for less power sockets. it is not the correct way for saving money. With the development of the electric appliance, the amounts for family electric appliance are increasing. Once you have new electric appliance but without power sockets, if you want to install again, it is much harder than the beginning. And you should avoid using the same sockets for several items, which expand the danger. The right way is that you should listen to the professional electricians and reasonably install the power sockets and reserve some future plug.Click here to learn more

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