Sep 30, 2014

4 Ways of Glamorising a Small Apartment

Though there is still some time till the New Year eve, but perhaps it is about time that you give a serious thought to adding some glamour and glow to your few years’ old interior decor. Redecorating your place is a good idea, especially if you are a bit low on financial side as well as in the living space at your disposal. However, being low on finances doesn’t mean you have lost your right to enjoy a lovely new year in a lovely new-looking place. So, here I am with 4 ways of glamorising a small living room

Small Living Room Decor

1.      Splashing some colour
There can’t be anything simpler than adding new life into your old apartment decor by splashing a coat of paint around. However, you need to be careful in choosing the hues. Popular colour choices on every wall might turn out too overwhelming for you, so I suggest resorting to lighter shades with exception of a single accent wall, adding the ‘X’ factor to your interior. It will surely revive and refresh your room interior.

2.      Tweaking Your Bedroom Furniture
Well, you are lucky to be living in this time and place in many respects; it has been never so easy tweaking your old furniture to get new life, than it is today. One way of doing so is by painting or staining the furniture (only when done appropriately). You can go for shading your nightstands and dressers in any of the contemporary colours like teal or pink, grey and so forth. These items can also be stained with a dark varnish, incorporating a classic antique look. Make sure there is no dust and dirt on surfaces you are about to treat. And if this sounds too much to you, you might simply change your linens and sheets. Matching it with curtains can bring about a unique freshness into the ambiance of the room.  You can also think about changing your old bed with any of the new storage beds available in market, especially if you want to add some spare space and neatness in the room.

3.      “Outfitting” your couch
I bet you will stop laughing and start jumping with joy as soon as you see the results of this funny looking phrase in your living room. If bringing in new furniture and couches sounds too physically and financially demanding, you can show your love and affection to your old living room furniture by simply getting new outfits or upholstering for your couches and chairs. Again, if you feel intimidated by the idea of a staple gun treating yards of fabric, you can simply resort to ready made chair and couch covers, which won’t be as costly as new furnishing for sure.

4.      Redefining your mementos
There is a popular trend surfacing in the world of DIY decor and that is to make the best out of your memories by turning them into art pieces. We are not talking about getting your best report card framed, but something more serious and personal; for example, your first ticket to a concert as a group of high school friends. And the list could go on and on, the key is to get the idea implemented.

When there is a will, there is a way!

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Ibrahim said...

indah sekali kreatifitas ruangannya ya mbak, duh jadi ingin membuat ruangan seperti itu, tapi pasti mahal biayanya heehee

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