Oct 1, 2014

Ways to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture definitely looks classy and elegant in your house. However, cleaning these luxury articles is quite a tough job. Like other pieces of furniture, you cannot simply use a wet cloth to wipe them down. However, if you apply something an extremely strong cleaning agent, it will damage your leather couch even sooner than you had thought it would. The reason behind this is the fact that even though leather may be strong and durable, it is porous, i.e. it has tiny pores in its structure. For this reason, you can either make your own cleaner at home that might be gentle and thus perfect for leather upholstery, or you can purchase the one your sofa manufacturer recommends. Clean your leather furniture every three months, and if you cannot do so, be sure not to extend the duration between cleaning over six months.

Here are some simple steps which will aid your process of cleaning leather furniture:

1.   Vacuum your furniture with a brush attachment, and while you do so, ensure that you suck out every little particle of grime and dust, because if they are left in the corners of stuffy areas especially in sofas, they will be rubbed into your porous leather with the cleaner.
2. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water to create your own homemade leather cleaning agent. Just in case you think it might not be too safe or effective, you can mix smaller volumes of readymade leather cleaner in water.
3.   Dip a soft microfiber cloth in the solution you have prepared. Once it’s completely soaked in it, squeeze and twist it so that it’s damp but not dripping wet.
4.   Start wiping your couch, chairs, and any other leather furniture with that piece of cloth. It is recommended that you start from the top and move to the bottom so that any particle of dirt or dust may be removed if it has went down due to gravity. Soak the cloth in the cleaning agent again when necessary.
5.  The best way to now dry and clean your furniture is with a clean towel. Using a blow dryer will dehydrate the leather and damage your furniture.
6.   For the purpose of conditioning, add a single part of white vinegar in two parts of flax seed oil or linseed oil. Use a cloth to rub it over your leather furniture in gentle, circular motions, and then leave it overnight. The next morning, buff it using a clean rag and you will observe its restored shine.

Apart from regular cleaning, you might get stains on your couch over the time as well. For mould or mildew, mix rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts and apply. For marker stains, use aerosol hairspray, and if it doesn’t help, rub it off with either eucalyptus oil or rubbing alcohol. In case of grease, sprinkle baking soda and leave it for a few hours before rubbing it off – it will absorb all the oil and you will have a clean surface in just a matter of hours.

Treat any spots or spills immediately and be sure to clean your leather furniture with a feather duster every week. This will not only maintain the beauty of your leather articles, but will also extend their life.

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