Oct 4, 2014

Bamboo Plants

The bamboo jungle grow inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens (West Java, Indonesia). I took pics from outside the garden –behind the fence. 

Bamboo shade over the pedestrian street

The Weekend in Black and White
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Rajesh said...

Wonderful composition.

Dragonstar said...

I like the way the bamboo almost makes a tunnel over the street.

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the first one. The plants gave both a nice framing and a fine centre.

sunshine said...

Bamboo has fantastic structures, beautiful photos.

Photo Cache said...

very very nice.

frankly my dear

Annette P.-L. said...

Lovely shots in B&W! Especially I like the first one ... wonderful patterns!

4nc├╝ Ev said...

Impressive pictures! The size of the bamboo is really enormous. Have a nice week!

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