Oct 19, 2014

The Easier Way to Find Real Estate in Fiji

When talking about Fiji Islands, what do you have in mind? Fiji is a tropical island country in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand’s North Island. Surrounded by the ocean, Fiji has many stunning white sandy beaches, soft coral reefs, along with postcard perfect islands that attract lots of worldwide tourists to come. It’s no wonder that -besides from sugar exports- the tourism sector also becomes the main source of Fiji foreign exchange.  Based on the statistics in 2012, 75% of people heading to Fiji Islands came for vacation purpose.

The continuous developing tourist industry leads to growing real estate in fiji, from apartments, houses to different commercial properties. It’s a fact that Fiji’s natural beauty invites more and more international visitors to stay longer or even to have their own sanctuary in this piece of heaven on Earth. Anyway, living in a beautiful island is already becoming a top wish list of many people! In this case, Fiji is still in the top five islands to visit and stay for the criteria such as living cost, quality of life, and kindliness of the local people.

Fiji offers a large amount of interesting destinations; some popular areas for tourists including Nadi, the Coral Coast, Denarau Island, and Mamanuca Islands. For example, the Coral Coast area that positioned on the southwestern seashore of Viti Levu (Fiji’s main island) has one of the largest fringing coral reefs of the world. Many tourists are amazed with its crystal blue water, palm trees and fantastic sunsets!
So, are you one of those who desire to stay longer in Fiji?  Let’s say that you have planned to stay there for several months and you are looking for an apartment for rent. Since different cities provide you with different facilities and cost of living, you should know the right region that suits your budget and needs.  Compared to Suva and Nadi, Lautoka offers cheaper rents but quieter neighborhood.  

To find the right property in Fiji that meets your requirements in easier way, you should take benefits from trusted property resource website such as HousingParadise that offers the list of updated residential and commercial property in Fiji. The advanced search options will ease you in searching for the most efficient option as they only provide the best sale and purchase deals. So, when you’re in need of comprehensive information of Fiji real estate, HousingParadise.com could be your great reference. 

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