Oct 11, 2014

A Wonderful Experience with Luxury Decorative Pillows for Sofa Sets

There is nothing better than seeing your living room look contemporary, classy, modern and simply breathtaking. The secret to this is often luxury throw pillows. You can use as many as you want; there is no limit on the number of throw pillows you can place on the sofas. In fact, there is no fixed rule that limits you to using a single design at a time. You can explore several luxury decorative pillows for sofa sets in one time. Using a variety will make your sofas look intriguing and captivating.

If you would like something geometric, then try the Bluebell collection. It comes in three sizes: 12"x20" Lumbar, which costs only $67, 18" square for $80 only and 20" square for $91 only. You can also choose between the Down Alternative Polyfill and Feather/Down Blend (extra charges of $10). What makes this pillow type special is that it is a solid tan in the back, and the front has an intricate geometric pattern in navy blue. The fabric comes from the U.S.

If you want something with stripes, then you would like to try the Zigzag Row Graphite throw pillow. This comes in two sizes: 12" x 20" for only $82 and 18" square for only $99. You can choose to insert the Down Alternative Polyfill (included) or Feather/Down Blend for an additional $10. The fabric comes from India and the back fabric is solid grey, while the front is a stylish cotton and linen fabric with a decorative pattern in gray and blue colors.

The Mystic Dawn is also one of the amazing luxury throw pillows worth checking out. It is available in three sizes: 12"x20" Lumbar $72, 18" square $84 and 20" Square $95. Again, available with Down Alternative Polyfill insert which is included or a Feather/Down Blend for an additional charge of $10. This lovely throw pillow has a front fabric with a blend of green and blue in rayon, cotton and polyester, and its origin is US. The back is made of solid emerald fabric.

The Leaf Pod Chambray is also another exciting throw pillow variety worth checking out. It comes in three sizes: 12"x20" Lumbar $74, 20" Square for $99 and the 22" square for $116 only. Like all other throw pillows at Thomas Collection, you can insert the Down Alternative Polyfill which is included in the price or opt for the Feather/Down Blend with an extra $10. The front fabric is a blend of gold and navy blue in polyester, while the back is a Solid Antique Bronze.

The Biggleswade is another fabulous addition to your list of fine luxury decorative pillows for sofa sets for consideration. It comes in 18" square size for $113. The front fabric is a blend of polyester, acrylic and rayon with navy and blue design, while the back is a gorgeous solid navy blue.

By adding a set of each of these luxury throw pillows to your sofas you can create a refreshing and amazing aura in your home.

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