Oct 8, 2014


There is nothing more homely and comforting than an open fire or log burner in your living room sizzling away as you relax indoors in the evenings. Wood burning fires are increasingly popular in the home today and the atmosphere they create is the obvious reason why. Buying wood for your fire can be a bit tricky, so it’s important you understand why seasoned Sussex logs are the right fuel option for your fire.

Wood has been the fuel choice for domestic fires for hundreds of years. Until the 19th century; most homes had wood-fuelled fires. Open fires create a relaxing atmosphere and many people enjoy nothing more than sitting in front of the hypnotising flames. Wood burning fires can also save households a great amount on alternative fuel bills.

Seasoned logs are produced by allowing wood to dry-out. Reducing the water content of logs to less than 20% makes a big difference in how they burn, the temperature at which they burn, how long they burn for, and how well they can heat your home.

Why people opt for open fires or wood burning stoves
A roaring fire or wood burning stove is a really desirable feature to have in any home today for many reasons including the atmosphere they help create as mentioned above. Sales of multifuel stove, heaters and wood burning stoves have increased massively in recent years enabling people to save money on alternative fuel bills whilst enjoying the comfort of natural heat and burning flames in the comfort of their living rooms.

Obviously the comfort factor is a big reason why people opt for this type of fire, but more recent increases in sales are due to the increasing oil and gas prices. Wood burning stoves give off a lot more heat than gas or oil fires, they are nicer to look at, they create an atmosphere like no other fire, and they can save people money.

Why seasoned firewood
There are many reasons why seasoned logs are the right option for open fires. Wood fuelled fires are an effective and comfortable way to heat your home and, at the same time, they are also more environmentally friendly in comparison to using other fuels to heat your home. Obviously this depends on the type of wood you use and where it comes from, hence the focus being on seasoned Sussex logs.

Seasoned logs enable open fires and wood burning stoves to operate at full efficiency. Alternative options can see creosote building up in chimneys causing the risk of chimney fires. Using seasoned wood reduces build-up. Seasoned wood is drier and burns at a higher temperature than alternative options. It also burns for longer, so as well as reducing the risk of chimney fires, it also lasts longer saving you money and, therefore, reducing your fuel bills. Again, this is a hugely popular factor for many people and a big reason as to why more open fires and wood burning stoves are popping up in homes across the country today.

Seasoned fire wood burns for longer, reduces the risk of a chimney fire, and saves you money. Whether you are a fan of the crackling flames or you are looking to reduce your bills; it’s important to know that you are also choosing the safer option when you choose seasoned fire wood over alternative options for your open fire or log burner.

DIY seasoned firewood
Most people today tend to find buying pre-seasoned fire wood the cheaper and more convenient option, but there are still some people that prefer the DIY method. You can season fire wood at home if you have the time or prefer to do so. The idea is to enable moisture to escape the wood until the water content is below twenty percent. The DIY option can be a little long-winded and complex, but if you know the properties of your wood, you can certainly do this.

There are many step-by-step guides online to help you season your own fire wood at home. In addition to knowing the properties of wood, you will obviously need to gather the wood at the right time of year, chop the wood, store it, stack it, and cover it. The way in which you store the chopped wood is really important to ensure you achieve the outcome that you need. In order to gain the benefits of using seasoned wood it is important that the process is carried out properly. If you are interested in learning how you can season wood at home, then search online for a guide as to how you can do this. The information available is abundant so you can start gathering before the winter months arrive.

Sourcing the best seasoned firewood
If, like most people, you don’t have the time to season your own wood, then you will be pleased to know that buying pre-seasoned wood is actually cheaper in many cases. If you consider the time it takes to season wood, and the cost of buying it in the first place, it makes sense to buy seasoned Sussex logs from a reputable supplier and save yourself time and effort.

Sourcing the best seasoned logs for your home is easy as the best suppliers will be easily found online. A reputable and reliable supplier is all you need to get the highest quality seasoned wood to reduce risks of using an open fire or wood burning stove in your home, ensure you benefit from an effective fuel, and save you money.

It goes without saying that you want to get the best value for money, so researching your options beforehand is the best thing you can do. You already know that seasoned logs are the best option for wood fires, so now you just need to find the right supplier for your needs. Searching online will ensure you find the best supplier. You can utilise the information available to you, search testimonials, and contact a supplier using the web. Searching for seasoned Sussex logs online will bring you a number of options, so you can compare costs and reputation to find the supplier that can offer you the best options and service.

So, if you enjoy the comfort of an open fire or wood burner in the home and you are considering introducing this option; you can now do so knowing that you are able to get the best value for your money. If you already have an open fire or log burner in your home, then now you know for sure that seasoned logs are the way forward to enhance the efficiency of your fire. Choose whether you will season logs yourself at home, or if you would prefer to buy pre-seasoned logs from a reputable supplier. Save money, time, and even gain return on investment when you choose seasoned wood from the right supplier.

The time you save buying pre-seasoned wood, and the money you save in fuel bills in doing so means that something so simple really can bring return on investment. Research your options and find the best local supplier so you can enjoy the benefits that choosing seasoned logs can bring to your home, your fire, and your fuel bills. Enjoy comfort and a wonderful homely atmosphere whilst knowing that you are saving money and choosing the safe option for your open fire or log burner at the same time.

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