Oct 14, 2014

What You Need to Know about Choosing Steel Posts for Construction

If you are in need of steel posts for a construction project there are certain things you should be aware of before you make your purchase, whether its metro steel posts or you purchase them somewhere else.  Here are some suggestions to assist you:

Use of Building
This sounds so elementary that it's almost silly, but it's important.  Before you buy steel posts, it's a good idea to know exactly what the finished building will be used for.  You might even want to speak with a professional who can let you know if using certain steel posts will necessitate that you purchase special tools to install them.  Also, try and learn how the steel posts were manufactured.  This will give you some idea of their quality, which will help you decide how much you are willing to pay for them.

Once you know which manufacturers offer the best quality steel posts, like Metro steel posts for example, you can pay a visit to several local building supply stores to compare the prices.  That way you will find out if you are being charged too much for these products.  

Which steel posts you choose, they must be made from carbon steel.  This is a metal alloy that is created by combining iron and carbon.  Steel is considered to be real carbon steel when the amounts of other trace elements in it do not exceed certain percentages.  

Carbon is added to iron to solidify the structures within it and strengthen the metal which is ultimately created.  It's one of the least expensive alloying materials, and if you want to change the properties of the steel, all that's necessary is altering the amount of carbon.  Carbon steels are classified as low-carbon steels, medium-carbon steels, high-carbon steels and ultrahigh-carbon steels.

Steels with very low carbon levels are called low-carbon steels and are similar to iron.  They are very ductile, which makes them difficult to machine.  They are used to make flat-rolled sheets or steel strips that are then used to make ships, wire products, car bodies, domestic appliances, and more.   You do not want your steel posts made from low-carbon steel.

Medium-carbon Steels
These have a higher amount of carbon in them than low-carbon steels.  They are easier to machine, and if a little silicon and manganese is added to the steel its quality will be improved.  These steels are relatively cheap and are used for things such as axles, gears, shafts, pipelines and couplings, rails, etc.  Still they lack the strength of mild steel like Brisbane mild steel.

High-carbon Steels
These are extremely difficult to weld because they have so much carbon in them.  They also have higher amounts of manganese, which increases the hardening of the steel.  High-carbon steel can be easily flame hardened, thus it can be made into many forms.  High-carbon steels are used for products like cutting tools, blades, springs and high-strength wires.

Mild Steel
Although mild steel is used in practically everything even Brisbane mild steel is simply not strong enough for a steel post.  It simply lacks the structural strength.  It's powerful and can serve many purposes, but you need to look for a steel with a higher carbon amount for steel posts.  Mild steel almost makes the grade, but it just lacks a little carbon for the purpose you need it for.

You just have to be careful in making your steel posts purchase that you don't opt for a cheaper brand of steel because you want to save some money.  If you have to spend a little extra for a high carbon steel post that's okay.  Remember that safety is more important than money, and with high carbon steel posts you'll always be able to feel secure.

Biography:  Jake Hyet is considered an expert on close to anything to do with steel, having worked for various steel companies and had experience with both Metro steel posts and Brisbane mild steel.

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