Oct 15, 2014

What kind of Wall Decorating Materials Should We Use for Home Decorating

There are lots of wall decorating materials on the market. What kind of material should we choose for home decorating? Melody Home tells you the advantages and disadvantages of some of the material.

First, the paint series
It is the most common material for wall decoration. It includes varnish, water based paint, powder coating. People used to place the synthetic resin emulsion as basic material and water as dispersion medium, add pigment, fillers (also called extender pigment) and additives, through a certain process of coating, then the paint is finished. It also called latex paint. At present, it is mainly used in home, hotel as well as office decorating.
Advantages: 1. Convenient to construct. 2. Fine venting quality. 3. Excellent water resistance. 4. Dry time is short.
Disadvantages:if there is quality shortness, it may have bubbles, falling off, transparent as well as not smooth for the wall surface.

Second, the wallpaper
Wallpaper has certain intensity and fine water proof ability. Nowadays, it has flied to the normal families. However, the real market share is not reach 10%. It is beautiful. But the acceptance ability is not high.
Advantages: 1. variety kinds of styles, gorgeous patterns as well as strong decorative ability. 2. Fine wear and dirty resistance ability, which is convenient to clean. 3. Save construction time.
Disadvantages: 1. the construction level and the quality are uneasy to control. 2. The color fastness for some wallpaper is bad. 3. The airtight material wallpaper is easy to warp edge. 4. For the cost, it is comparatively higher than the paint.

Third, the Wall decals 
The wall decal is the adhesive sticker decals which has finished design and making. The only thing need you to do is to paste it on the wall, glass or tiles by your hands.
Advantages: 1. Water proof and will not fa├žade. 2. Gorgeous patterns, which shows its uniqueness. 3. Usually adopts PVC adhesive material. The prominent advantage is that it use non-toxic plasticizer, hard to burn, wear resistance and anti-chemical corrosion
Disadvantages: it contains formaldehyde in adhesive. 2. The bad quality wall decals are easy to break. 3. Uneasy to clean once touching the oil.

Four, the diatom ooze
It is a new style natural and environmental protection inner wall decorating material. The diatom ooze is a kind of powder dope which uses the diatom as the main material and adds variety kinds of auxiliaries. It is not liquid. However, as the new type material, you should shop around and learn the product information. Take a full consideration in quality, effect, and price as well as company reputation to avoid the quality problems. 
Advantages: natural and environmental protection, purify the air. 2. The color is very soft and it can absorb noises. 3. Get rid of the dirty and keep moister as well as heat insulation.
Disadvantage: the price is too high.
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