Feb 28, 2011

Yellow Bikers

On the way back home from Cipanas (West Java, Indonesia), I saw these yellow bikers. It’s still not far from the Flower Park. Looking at their tired faces, I guess they have ridden bikes for a long distance.
Wearing outfits in bright color like yellow can help keeping their safety along the busy road. Other drivers will notice their appearance since far enough.

Feb 27, 2011


Just trying to capture three different face expressions here. People say that waiting is a very boring job. Looking their faces, I think these men have the same mind (boring…!).

This moment was taken at Bogor Train Station. They were still waiting for their train while I was already inside another train; taking pictures of them candidly…
It's my entry for Weekend Portrait.

Feb 26, 2011

Shady Tunnel

During hot shiny day, sitting on the bench inside the shady tunnel is very enjoyable. The tunnel is located in Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Jade Vine decorates the tunnel beautifully.
The Weekend in Black and White

Feb 22, 2011

Putting Up a Curtain

It’s a simple matter to fix curtains to a brick wall in a home unit or house. The type of curtains you choose will dictate the kind of track required. Brackets will be necessary whether you’ve selected a thick cornice rod with rings for café curtains, a thinner one for sliding through a pocket in the curtain, or a track with slides for drapes that have a heading or pinch pleating.

The number of brackets is determined by the length and rigidity of the track and the weight of the curtains. There must be one at each end and perhaps several intermediate ones. Typically, brackets will of either timber or metal and will have to be securely fastened to the wall with screws.
Because bricks and render are too hard to drive a screw into, you must first drill a hole where each screw is to go fill it with a soft plugging material. Then your screws will hold fast for ever!

Once you’ve mastered the business of putting up brackets, you’ll find that you tackle many jobs involving masonry fixings-putting up shelf supports or picture hooks, for instance-without a qualm.

Feb 21, 2011

Fishing Girls

Girls also love fishing… but a different kind of fishing; like this game. The girls were catching floating balls. The cute one looked so serious. Be patient, you’ll get the ball!

I like this fishing game. It will teach good emotions and characters to your kids.


Feb 20, 2011

A Man with His Mattock

Near the fishing ponds in Kampung Katulampa (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), there’s a small rice field. The rice plant has just been harvested. With his mattock, this man processed the soil to be planted again.

I added the oil paint effect to this photo. Enjoy.

Feb 18, 2011

Afternoon Rain

This moment was captured on last Sunday. We were at the fishing place. My husband and my father were fishing that afternoon while the rain was falling hard. Though it’s still raining, a family decided to leave the place. Under one big umbrella, they walked hurriedly.

The Weekend in Black and White

Feb 16, 2011

Country-Style Doors

Modern internal doors, in the main, tend to be plain. You might want to rebel against this trend but find that the cost of framed and paneled doors is exorbitant. Or, you may have an odd-sized opening that doesn’t accommodate the standard door sizes (widths 720,760,820 and 870 mm and height 2040 mm).

If so, why not build your own framed and braced door that has definite character? Look carefully at the style of your house and make sure the design is in keeping with it.


Two lengths of 90x19 mm timber (cedar, Tasmanian oak, Oregon, for example) the length of the door makes up the vertical frame members. Two lengths of the same size make up the middle and the top horizontals (rails). The bottom one is 180x19 mm, twice as wide as the middle and top ones.

Two more lengths 90x19 mm create the braces. Note that the braces are almost parallel and run upwards from the hinged side to stop the door from dropping. The framing lengths will have to be made to suit your particular door size.

The lining boards will typically be 2100 mm in length. The number required will depend on how much each board covers. Allow for removing the tongue and the groove from the two outside boards, or the edges will look unsightly.

Source: easy home projects and google

Feb 14, 2011

Rubber Boats

I saw these three rubber boats at the side of one pond in Kampung Katulampa (Bogor. West Java, Indonesia). Nowadays, some people in Jakarta, Indonesia who live in places that ever affected by severe flood, have these boats at their homes for precautions.


Feb 13, 2011

A Jumping Girl

This jumping girl is Hana, my nephew. Look at her feet, they were on the air! She loves playing on the beach. This jumping moment was captured at Pangandaran Beach (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia).

It’s my entry for a new photo meme, Weekend Portrait, hosted by Dindin MK. Don’t be hesitant to share your portrait photos there!

Feb 12, 2011

College Front Yard

When I was a student in this college, its front yard isn’t open for public. But now, it has become another open space in my city. You can see a café, games for children and a straight entrance to a mall beside. I share here the part of the yard that not change; it used to be my favorite place to sit and chat with friends, read and write, and any other activity…

The Weekend in Black and White

Feb 11, 2011

Space Creators and Storage in Kitchen

Behind-the-Door Storage

Kitchens are places where storage, no matter how plentiful, never seems to be enough. But more storage space does lurk, frequently unused. In a pantry or a broom cupboard, behind an entry door or in many other convenient, out-of-the-way spots.

Here, a shelf unit 90x19mm (finished size) comprising frame, shelves and ledgers with 42x12 mm retaining strips, is fixed easily and unobtrusively behind a pantry door.
The size of the unit and the spacing of the shelves can be modified to suit your particular needs. Keep in mind that you could use 142x19 mm material for greater storage if there is sufficient room.

If the door is hollow core (which is more likely) use spring or gravity toggles. To install these, bore a hole in both the ledger and door to the recommended diameter. Take the metal screw out of the toggle, push it through the ledger, and refix it to the body of the toggle.

Position the unit and push the body of the toggle into the holes in the door. Then, simply tighten the metal screw. The wings on the back of the toggle will tighten against the back of the door facing, suspending the unit solidly and permanently.

Now fill the shelves with those essential items and forget about your storage problems. Cover the shelves with plastic sheeting. This will help stop paintwork being damaged.

Kitchen Shelves

Do you have some wasted space between two top cupboards or between a top cupboard and a corner? Why not put up some shelves? A great effect can be achieved for little cost.
Materials for shelving may be solid timber, glass, plywood, timber veneered or plastic-laminate-covered particle board, among other things. Each product comes in a variety of widths, thickness and lengths.

Standard lengths start from 600mm and generally go up to 3600mm in 300mm increments. Common widths are 150,200,250,300,450 and 600mm. The width and thickness you require have to relate to the size and weight of objects which the shelf has to carry and the spacing of the supports. Be realistic about the probable loading; it is best always to alert on the side of safety.

Feb 8, 2011

Pantone 2011 Color of the Year

It is February already; I’m a little late to post this information. By the way, for you that haven’t yet known, Pantone Color Institute has announced Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120), a reddish pink hue, as its 2011 Color of the Year. Honeysuckle relocates Turquoise, 2010’s anointed color.

In a press release, Pantone Color Institute mentioned Honeysuckle as "a brave new color for a brave new world." Honeysuckle will look good on our walls, and it will also convey the confidence we need to "meet life's ongoing challenges." In times of stress, we need something to raise our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to fight off the blues.
Do you like this color? If you prefer to catch Honeysuckle into your home decoration; you can add little touches of Honeysuckle to your home. See the images for your inspiration.

Images source:casacullen.com

Feb 7, 2011


Meet my youngest nephew, Azman Fitra Ramadhan. He’s almost five months, but the weight is already 10 kilograms. He’s a big baby boy! When we visited his parents’ house two weeks ago, I’ve got a chance to take some pictures; after having an afternoon bath. He’s a special boy, since his parents have waited for eighteen years for having a baby. May his adorable face brighten your Monday!


Feb 5, 2011

The Back Side of the Museum

I still share things that I saw at the back part of Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta, Indonesia). I like seeing the backside wall of this building that full of windows.
The Weekend in Black and White

Feb 2, 2011

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are magic in small homes and units for concealing those not-so-attractive work places such as laundries, home offices and sinks. A metal track is installed along the head of the opening you wish to close off. Smaller than conventional-width doors-louvered, flush or frames and panelled- are suspended from this track and like a piano accordion, they open out or fold up.

But unlike a conventional door, they only take up half the room. You can cover openings from 915mm to 2400mm using doors 19x35mm thick.
The bottom pivot off which the door turns has to be positioned exactly under the top corner of the supporting door to ensure a smooth folding action. Also, if you hinge the doors by fastening the hinges to the edge of the door rather than by recessing them, you will have the necessary clearance to guarantee easy opening.

A bifold kit usually includes the track, top brackets, bottom pivots, hinges and all the fastenings. The instructions enclosed must be read before beginning the project.
How bifolds work? The two outer edges of the hinged pair slide together along the track. Well, are you interested to install it at your home?
Image source:google

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