Feb 27, 2011


Just trying to capture three different face expressions here. People say that waiting is a very boring job. Looking their faces, I think these men have the same mind (boring…!).

This moment was taken at Bogor Train Station. They were still waiting for their train while I was already inside another train; taking pictures of them candidly…
It's my entry for Weekend Portrait.
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Unknown said...

That's why I hate waiting, those men expressions on your portrait answer it.
Great shot, bu! Thanks for always participating on Weekend Portrait.

Salam hangat untuk keluarga.

tips keluarga harmonis said...

Saya suka sekali dengan fotonya. Hai lihat......ada orang sedang termenung sambil berdiri,

Earth said...

yes, you are right.. they really are bored, lol!

Anonymous said...

Ah waiting. Who knows what was going through the three men's minds as they waited. You certainly captured the moment here.

jenie=) said...

haha! great shot! and i so love the idea of your post...as always.

you know what...i salute you for all your blogs! all pr, all worry of read. this is actually my 1st time here, and again, im amazed. maybe you can be my mentor ;)

can i be linked here as well? this is jenie BTW (wink!) secret: bleep and me are one and the same. hehe

demonyitogwapito said...

hahahah.. very nice shot... maybe they were thinking about their problems, or maybe thinking about their love ones, or maybe they were thinking nothing but just got bored for waiting.. :)

eden said...

Nice capture! And yes, i agree, waiting is boring.

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