Feb 22, 2011

Putting Up a Curtain

It’s a simple matter to fix curtains to a brick wall in a home unit or house. The type of curtains you choose will dictate the kind of track required. Brackets will be necessary whether you’ve selected a thick cornice rod with rings for cafĂ© curtains, a thinner one for sliding through a pocket in the curtain, or a track with slides for drapes that have a heading or pinch pleating.

The number of brackets is determined by the length and rigidity of the track and the weight of the curtains. There must be one at each end and perhaps several intermediate ones. Typically, brackets will of either timber or metal and will have to be securely fastened to the wall with screws.
Because bricks and render are too hard to drive a screw into, you must first drill a hole where each screw is to go fill it with a soft plugging material. Then your screws will hold fast for ever!

Once you’ve mastered the business of putting up brackets, you’ll find that you tackle many jobs involving masonry fixings-putting up shelf supports or picture hooks, for instance-without a qualm.
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