Jul 31, 2018

Welcome Buddha to Home

When you are investing in a home there are several things to take care of. In our daily busy life, we sometimes fail to take care of things, thus, resulting in something serious. So, to avoid negativity, it is important to bring in good and positive vibes. For example, you are planning to buy an apartment, maybe an affordable 1 BHK flat in New Town Kolkata and want to introduce something that would help in drawing positive energy.  In that case, we would suggest, you welcome Lord Buddha to your home.  The main focus is to create a field where there will be a smooth flow of positive energy and this would be successful if you bring in Lord Buddha.

Introduce a Perfect Sense of Balance to Your Home

It is said that introducing calm and peaceful energy is essential if you want to get a perfect sense of balance in your home. The quiet yin energy balances and compliments the active yang energy of one’s existence. The feng shui specialists say that a good yin-yang balance is required to draw positivity. One of the best ancient theories from the Chinese schools of thought, the Yin Yang theory is known to form the base of feng shui.  In fact, the ancient martial arts, the traditional Chinese medicine, the I Ching, feng shui and the entire Taoism cosmology are supposed to be derived from the dynamics of Yin Yang.  

The Presence of Lord Buddha brings Serenity and Peace

Place a statue or any form of representation of Lord Buddha in your home and you will surely find some amazing changes. It is said that any kind of Buddha symbol or illustration attracts positive chi flow. Those who are a stern believer of Buddha prefer to follow only those feng shui rules that do not offend Lord Buddha. If you are one of them or want to be one of them then you must certainly follow certain instructions.

  • You can place him in the East direction of your home as it is considered to be the lucky spot of a family.  Placing the idol here would bring joy and harmony to the family.
  • Placing the idol in the South East direction of your apartment (bedroom, dining room or hall) will help in conferring unanticipated fortune in abundance. There will also be a steady increase in the family income.
  •  Place the idol on the work desk and you can expect excellent prospects in your career. Students placing Lord Buddha on their study table will help them to excel their academic performance.

The Significance of Buddha Postures

Did you know that each Buddha representations have their own significance? Professionals say that only by looking at the gestures and postures you can interpret their significance. It is said that each posture comes with a different spiritual connotation, remembering important events from Lord Buddha’s life.

There are more than one hundred poses of Buddha (called Attitudes or Asana. This illustrates his life and if you observe carefully you will find a typical hand gesture rather Mudra.

Hope, the above-mentioned points have given you a clear knowledge on how helpful would it be, if you welcome Lord Buddha to your home.

Three Fabulous Ways to Make Your Backyard More Inviting

Three Fabulous Ways to Make Your Backyard More Inviting

If you are like most homeowners, the backyard is the last area to be decorated. In fact, many people never do put much thought into it. This part of the property becomes nothing more than a catch-all for toys and lawn equipment. Try these three simple strategies to make this space a more inviting place.
wooden gazebos

Clean It Up 

The first step in making your backyard a more inviting space is to clean it up. If you have larger pieces like lawn equipment and ATV's sitting around, consider a shed. Store these items along with toys and other clutter inside. Remove brush piles, large tree limbs, and dead stumps from the area. You can often have the local lawn care service help you with these tasks. 

Create Seating 

No one wants to spend time in a space without seating. Chairs, lounges, and table sets welcome you and your loved ones into the yard. Anchor these pieces with well constructed patios, decks, or wooden gazebos. If your yard lacks natural shade provided from trees, consider some type of awning or yard tent for protection against the hot rays of the sun. This is also nice to have when the weather doesn't cooperate. 

Bring Personality with Landscaping 

After cleaning up and providing seating, you will need to add personality to the yard. Landscaping softens the space while flowers provide pops of color to brighten the area. Place shrubs around patios and along property lines for privacy. Plant coordinating blooms in the flower beds and window boxes. Hanging baskets finish the project nicely. Ask your local garden center for ideas.

Once you have tidied up, created seating areas, and brightened it up with flowers and landscaping, you will have a backyard that you will love spending time in. Having this space to entertain friends and family, or simply relax in at the end of the day, will make your home feel more appealing than ever before.

Jul 30, 2018

Top Four Best Kinds of wood to Use for Your Wood Fired Oven

We all know of the extraordinary dishes that wood fired ovens can cook. In addition, these types of ovens produce healthier dishes because of their ability to cook in just a few quick minutes.

Wood fired ovens use wood in order to work, and, if you are a new user of this traditional oven, it is perfectly normal to be a bit lost regarding which wood to use. So, this is a list of the top four best firewoods to use for your oven:

1.   Oak. Oak is a kind of hardwood that burns longer than other kinds of woods. Most tend to use oak as firewood because it is readily available and relatively affordable, and because it burns longer and gives more heat, it cooks more dishes and is, therefore, more cost-effective.
2.   Maple. Maple is another kind of hardwood that many opt to use, next to oak. Maple wood is denser and therefore heavier than other wood and produces more heat that you can utilise to its full extent if you already own a wood fired pizza oven.
3.   Cherry. Cherry is a kind of fruitwood, which, although is not as dense or burns as long as hardwood, is very popular among chefs. When burnt, all kinds of fruitwoods give off a unique fragrance, which enhances the flavour of dishes being cooked.
4.   Apple. Apple is a unique kind of fruitwood. It is slightly heavier than other fruitwoods, so it burns longer and hotter, and it is best known for its sweet aroma and fragrance that give oven baked dishes, like pizza, a strong but sweet smoky flavour.

Moisture content in wood

In general, any type of wood that is available within your area may be used as firewood. It should be noted that it is all just a matter of checking the moisture content of the wood. There are those that are too dry to be used for firewood, while those that have high moisture content will not just burn very poorly, but also produce more smoke than you need.

If you do the sourcing and cutting of wood for yourself, collect firewood off-season so that the sap is in the roots. Once cut, store it in a dry place for at least six months to a year so that the wood will be dried off properly.

What not to use

Although it was said that any kind of hardwood, softwood, or fruitwood would suffice, it is essential to ensure that your source of such is completely natural.

Do not, in any case, burn plywood, cork, or any wooden material that has undergone any chemical treatment. Using such to cook your food is very dangerous for your health.

It is also not recommended to use charcoal. Although it works fantastically for grilling, that is the only cooking method that it is good for. Charcoal burns longer and hotter, definitely, but it produces too much carbon monoxide which not only makes your food unsafe to eat, it also degrades the quality of the air.

Loan Conserving Tips For Getting Jacuzzis

Have you been thinking about purchasing a brand-new warm tub or in-ground day spa for on your own or your whole family members? Below are some useful ideas for acquiring a warm tub.

Prior to you determine what dimension tub you desire you will certainly initially have to develop that you will certainly have sufficient space to have it mounted. Personal privacy is an additional factor to consider, along with taking a right into factor to consider looming trees and shrubs that might go down fallen leaves right into your tub.
Since you recognize just how much space you have you could select the dimension of the tub according to the number of individuals you will certainly have to utilize best hot tubs at once. When figuring the water you will certainly utilize to load it the basic general rule is to increase the variety of individuals by 75 gallons to obtain your complete water ability. If you are going to be setting up the health facility on your deck you will certainly desire to guarantee it could hold up against 100 to 150 pounds each square ft. If setting up on the ground you will certainly likewise desire to lay down a concrete piece that could stand up to the above weight.

Fiberglass tubs

Normally a 2 individual tub begins out around $3500 to $4000 and a 6 individual tub at around $8000 to $10,000. You might desire to think about a mobile warm tub to spend in, they are made of plastic and begin out at a rate of $2500.Warm tubs that are made of timber, frequently cedar or redwood are definitely stunning however they do need a lot even more cleaning and maintenance. Wood round warm tubs do not provide the contoured sitting as you discover in the acrylic and fiberglass tubs.

Not that you have actually chosen how large and what kind of warm tub you desire it is time to do a damp examination. See your regional display rooms and attempt some out prior to you get one.Some various other ideas to maintain in mind are the functions and services of each warm medical spa. Some of these will certainly be points like covers that secure with a trick, this will certainly maintain youngsters out and likewise assist in maintaining the tub tidy from dropping particles.

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