Jul 5, 2018

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Staging Your Home

Staging a home is very important when you are in the market to sell it. Without staging a home you will not be able to sell fast, you may if you are lucky but mostly staging is very important and every real estate agent will emphasize the need to do that. Most people think that staging a home is easy. It is not, many people make mistakes and usually this costs them a sale. 

  •  When the seller stages a home the seller usually takes care of the curb, the curb appeal is important as advised by the realtors and they take care of it. The leaves are raked in the lawn; potted plants are placed in the driveway etc. But what most people forget is the garage. The garage door needs to match the house; if it looks dilapidated it will only lower the price of the house. If the garage door is not working properly get it rectified. If the paint has come off, then get the garage door painted, it is just a small task but if it is not done the buyer will quote a low price stating that the garage door needs work.
  • The living room is another one that everyone likes to keep neat. What most people forget is that what they think is great for their living room may not be so for the prospective buyer. Ideally a buyer would like to envisage how the living room would be based on their furniture. You as a seller should keep the space free from a lot of furniture. You should find storage units near you and place the excessive furniture so that the buyer is able to find the room spacious and also envisage how their furniture will be placed. If the room is spacious and if the room has a lot of natural light and air then the buyer will be positively inclined to buy the house.
  • The kitchen is another room that the seller usually forgets to stage. Even one leaking faucet can hamper the sale. You need to ensure that the faucet is working fine. You need to check the kitchen appliances and ensure that everything is working fine. If even one appliance has a problem the prospective buyer will state that they need to repair it and quote a lower price for the house. You should never give them the opportunity and ensure that everything is working fine before the buyers come visiting.
  • The often forgotten room is the bathroom. There have been cases where the buyer has said that they will not buy the house because the bathroom is not clean or the bathroom needs a lot of repair. You need to ensure that the bathroom is clean and the faucets, tiles etc are fine. If you do that you will not give the buyer an opportunity to quote a reduced price based on future expenses to take care of the bathroom. 

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