Jul 27, 2018

Monsoon Home Decor Tips to Brighten Up Your Apartment

Monsoon can be interesting and dull at the same time, but it is up to you to handle it in your way. So, here are some interesting ways to make your apartment look bright and colourful during the rainy season.
When monsoons arrive, welcome this beautiful season with bright additions to your home decor. Needless to say, that a beautiful decor is sure to lift up your mood no matter how dull the weather is. This season is usually about getting drenched, sitting with a hot cup of coffee or tea and admiring the raindrops, thus, making the gloomy and boring surroundings happy. Apart from this, home decor is another good thing that can easily turn the dim weather into a joyful one.

We all know how irritating it becomes when it comes to dark interiors, muddy footprints and wet clothes all around, creating a mess all over. In fact, these are just a few things that are enough to take our cheerful mood a notch down. So, there is no point letting all these stuff affect the happy mood.  Putting maximum effort into making the home colourful and cheerful with bright monsoon colours will be the best solution.  

Did You Know that a Simple Decor Can Make An Apartment Monsoon Ready?

Introduce your home to bright and happy shades like yellows and corals. These are actually the perfect ones to deal with the melancholy atmosphere that the climate outside leaves you with. Monsoon usually calls for light fabrics and so fabrics with amazing synthetic blends would always be a great idea.  Here are some interesting monsoon home decor tricks for your ready reference:

  • Gloomy and dull outside? Then brighten up your room with some beautiful shades of pinks and orange. Remember that vibrant colours will not just highlight the rooms of your apartment but your mood as well.
  • Do you feel the dampness surrounding your rooms? Then bring in scented candles and light them in your rooms. This won’t just help you avoid the moist smell in your rooms but add to a wonderful romantic evening as well.
  • To lift up your mood instantly, you can bring home green plants and also brighten up the walls with red shelves.
  • As this season is the best time to sip on a cup of hot coffee while sitting by the window, it is important to create a perfect setting without any second thought.
  • Try using bright painted synthetic curtains that will not only brighten up your rooms but also gradually avoid the dampness in air.
  • As monsoon calls for bright and colourful materials, try to swap all mundane sitting arrangements with bright coloured bean bags.
  • The kitchen is a place which needs to be kept fresh and lively because it is said that “your mood reflects in the food you make”. Hence, you require working on your kitchen interiors as well. Use innovative and colourful kitchen designs that would make cooking a joy.
  • Last but not the least; do get a funky rather a vibrant doormat outside your home in order to keep out the slush and mud that monsoon brings in.

So, this time, if you buy an apartment, maybe in a premium property in Alipore Kolkata, make sure you keep the above-mentioned tricks in your mind. 

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