Jul 3, 2018

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Every Home Owner Must Know

If you are a homeowner; house, flat, apartment or any form of personal space (even if it is a room in the college dormitory), chances are you have a carpet lying somewhere in your home. Carpets are amazing floor coverings that could add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home. Asides the ambience carpets can give, it can also keep your entire space warm during winter. In addition to that, in cases where heeled footwear could cause noise, carpets aid in deadening the sounded
In some cases, carpets are used to filter in all forms of dirt and dust that come in from outdoor outings. This dirt can constitute a nuisance to the home because of the magnitude of dirt it brings into it. In extreme cases, accumulated dust in the carpets could trigger respiratory infections, especially in homes where you have crawling babies. This is why carpets need to be maintained as often as possible. If the right type of maintenance is done on a frequent basis, your carpet would last longer. That way, you get to save money charged by cleaning companies. So if you’re a carpet owner, here are some carpet cleaning tips you must know;

Blotting All Stains
The process of blotting is one cleaning hack every homeowner must know how to do. Blotting carpet stains with a cleaning agent or solution would make it difficult for the stains to soak into the carpet. Instead of rubbing these stains, bad it gently and watch the stains fade away. If you rub the stains, they penetrate the fabric of the carpet fibers and spread the stains all around it. This can cause the carpet fibers to break down and eventually weaken over time. A simple trick here is to blot a stain inward rather than outward. Blotting outward can spread the stain, which an end up doubling your work, and you definitely would not want that to happen.
Clean Stains Immediately
As you now know that you must dab carpet stains instead of rubbing them, you also need to know that you must clean the stains immediately they appear, rather than leaning them till a later period. The longer you keep the stains in the carpet, the more difficult the stains get. Have your cleaning tools within your reach so once a stain is sighted, you clean up immediately. Keep Your dishwashing liquid, vinegar, baking soda, gloves and spray bottle within reach. As much as you want to keep them where you can easily find them,  you need to keep them out of children’s reach. This would prevent them from spilling and probably tasting the washing powders and liquids.

Always Keep Your Footwear Out
While this is not an actual cleaning tip, it would sure leave your carpet sparkling. Keep your footwear at the door mate, especially when you’re just coming back home. Wearing the shoes you wear outdoors on your carpet can cause dirt, dust and all form of clutter to stay in the wrong. The worst part is bringing in sand into the carpet. Sand can penetrate deep down into the fabric of the carpet and stay there for a very long time. Keep your footwear in your garage or get a place where you can put all footwear into. This would prevent and minimize the transfer of dirt from outdoor places to the carpet. A sure tip here is to have separate footwear for both indoor and outdoor purposes. That way, you can be sure that sand would never penetrate your carpet fabric.

Remove Candle Wax Using Heat
Sometimes, if one needs the atmosphere of the room to feel a bit cozy, scented candles are used. While scented candles can provide the entire space smelling all nice and cozy, it could constitute a nuisance to your carpet through its wax. In fact, it is one of the many reasons why the carpet hair is torn. In cases where you have a lot (or little) candle wax in the carpet, all you need to do is remove it using a knife. Take a moderately blunt knife and slide it under the candle wax; you’ll watch the wax easily come off. For a finer look, you can put paper towels on top of the wax using an iron. You will then run the iron right over the spot where the wax was formed. When you run the iron over the paper towel cloths, the wax on the cloth transfers easily to the cloth. It is that simple!
Use Durable Cleaning Agents
When it comes to cleaning carpets, it is not just about using any type of stain removers. When purchasing a carpet stain remover, you need to look out for important ingredients like the baking powder and white vinegar in it. If a stain remover lacks these two major ingredients, I’m afraid the cleaning job will not be done effectively. The best way to get the best stain removers is to purchase those made by the carpet manufacturers. They are a lot more reliable than store-bought cleaning agents, especially those that come across as “multi-purpose” cleaning agents. In cases where you can not purchase them, you can easily use baking soda and white vinegar alone.

In all honesty, not many people want to spend their hard earned money on weekly or even monthly professional cleaning of carpets. If you follow this useful guide carefully, you would not need to spend money on hiring professionals carpet cleaning Melbourne. For a cleaner carpet, these tips should be adhered to strictly and should also be done on a frequent basis. This would leave your carpets looking new and free from all forms of preventable wear and tear. Make sure you know how to go about cleaning your carpet immediately; you don’t have to wait till it is holiday season before you figure out how to get the job done. The earlier you know how to do it, the better!

Author Bio: I am Prerna, CEO of Ministry of cleaning. I am passionate for what I do and do it wholeheartedly. I am involved in Academics Writing and have written profoundly on Health, Wellbeing, and Lifestyle"

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