Dec 27, 2010

A Tree Gazebo

It’s already Monday night here. I’m late to post this meme since I’ve got very bad connection here!

This tree gazebo is located in Collection Park (the front yard of my college); it’s near the new café. you can see a tree gazebo. During my several visits to the café, I’ve never seen someone climb up the stairs. There’s no sign that forbids either. Perhaps I’ll ask someone there later.

Dec 25, 2010

Green Tea and Coffee

Every time we hang out, I often order green tea and my husband's choice is coffee. If you are in your favorite cafe, what do you prefer to drink?

Dec 22, 2010

Installing French Doors

Do you wish sometimes that you were able to create the illusion of bringing the outdoors indoors? If you were to break through an eternal wall and put in a pair of French doors, the effect would be just that. If there’s a patio or deck outside, so much the better.

Check with your local council to see if you need plans and approvals. This is, after all, a structural alteration. However, the council inspector may feel these are not warranted for such a minor job, particularly if a window already exists, which means that the wall, ceiling and roof above are, in fact, properly supported.

Establishing the height
Check that the height from the floor to the top of window will accommodate standard doors. You need 10mm clearance at the bottom for vinyl or cork and 20mm for carpet.

Allow for the thickness of the jamb rebate at the top plus a 10mm clearance to make sure that there’s no weight on the jamb which might cause it to deflect. If the height is insufficient, you may have to have the French doors made especially for you. If it’s too high, you can always fill in the gap.

If the door has no roofed area outside it, as shown in our example, you’ll need to construct a sill across the bottom of the opening to keep the elements at bay.

Establishing the width
The opening width, if wider than the twin doors, is not so important as you can always put in a few extra studs. But if it is too narrow, the doors will have to be made to suit.

Allow for the two jambs rebates plus 10mm clearance on both sides. Lay out the height and width of the opening full size on a piece of timber 100x50 mm. Draw in the members and measure the sizes. That done, you can obtain a price from a joinery shop. Keep the piece of timber to help you to get the framing the correct size.

If you intend making your opening wider than a window, or to increase the height of the opening, you must seek the advice or assistance of a qualified builder in case you bring the roof and ceiling around your ears.

Dec 20, 2010

Moving Displayed Stuffs

It’s very common here. Many sellers use the similar vehicle to bring and also display their stuffs. Is it also a common thing in your place? I’ve ever seen some sellers with their vehicles are wandering around my neighborhood.

To attract attention, sometimes they are playing loud music and also promoting their stuffs through microphone,“ Plaastic…plastic….plastic stuffs for your home….all in very cheap prices….plastic….plactic…..”


Dec 18, 2010

We’re Flying!

If you catch a flying dandelion seed, you can make a wish~ Anita Sanchez.

Dandelion seeds on puffy white seed head wait for the wind that will blow them away to continue their life as 200 or more new plants at different places.

Dec 15, 2010

Mobile Storage

Another way of expanding your do-it-yourself horizons is to try to consider storage as a movable concept. An itinerant kitchen and sewing trolley that can be moved to where you want, when you want, is just such an example.

With the simple addition of peg-board, it could easily be converted into a workshop accessory. Use your imagination to adapt it for the laundry or study. The beauty of these units is that they can be hidden away in or under a cupboard when not being used.

Each trolley consists of a base with four castors. The unit comprises two 99 mm deep shelved boxes with ply backs which are mounted on this base in one corner. This forms a right angle which gives rigidity to the trolley.

The shelf arrangement can be as intricate or as simple as the items to be stored dictate. The best material to use for this unit is 12mm custom wood or ply (particle board is a possibility, too, but it requires edging).
Source: easy home projects

Dec 13, 2010

Teach Your Child to Save Earlier!

It’s time to Mellow Yellow. Look at these cute and colorful piggy banks / money boxes! When I captured it, I thought that they are just toys. I realized it later, after I saw the coin holes. It’s a pity that I still have no chance to visit again the temporary open market in Sempur field. I really want to buy some of them for my nephews.

Learn to save money is important, right? And I think it’s wiser and better to teach children saving money since their young age. Cute piggy banks will make your child more interested. Have you done it?


Dec 11, 2010

Sempur Bridge

One spot around the old Sempur Bridge (Bogor, Indonesia). I always love the sound of flowing water. It’s so relaxing me. How about you?

The Weekend in Black and White

Dec 10, 2010

A Bathroom Shelf Unit

In a bathroom, the available space in this typically small area is often irregular. This calls for a bit of creative thinking.

One solution is a unit made from a sheet of 12 mm thick plywood (solid timber could be used as an alternative). Use a three ply or tempered hardboard backing. The unit is faced on the top with 50x25 mm batten (finished size 37x19 mm) and with 25x25 mm batten (19x19 mm finished size) elsewhere. Plywood should be of a moisture-resistant type or it could delaminate in the steamy environment. The vertical on the right-hand side could be deleted if preferred.

The unit incorporates a magazine rack and a toilet-roll holder but, if the toilet is not the place where you indulge your literary interests, this could be modified to provide more towel and toiletry storage.

The unit is nailed and glued together and fixed to the wall by screws and plugs. The unit shown is finished in clear polyurethane and its edging is of Tasmanian oak. It could also look most attractive if made with different materials such as melamine-covered, moisture-resistant particle boards with stained or painted timber edging.

Dec 6, 2010

A Moving Male Replica

Mellow Yellow post is coming again. I prefer to call it a replica than a doll. I saw this ‘male replica’ at the center of a park in my father’s hometown, during last Eid ul-Fitr holiday. It really attracted my attention, as he was hitting the traditional large drum while shaking his hip- left and right. The playing music was very loud, too!


Dec 4, 2010

Our Terrace

I capture it in one afternoon, when the sun still shone on the terrace.

The Weekend in Black and White

Dec 2, 2010


For an attractive, durable, maintenance-free surface, pavers have much to recommend them. They can be used for pathways, entertaining areas and pool surrounds.

There are many different colors, shapes, textures and materials from which to choose. The clay ones are more hard wearing and will keep their color longer than cement. The darker colors in clay pavers are usually the hardest and strongest.

Special salt and chemical-resistant varieties, some with rounded edges, make a suitable surround to swimming pools. Many patterns (also known as bonds) are available.

The common sizes for pavers are 230x115 mm and 220x110mm. A minimum thickness of 40mm is required for paths and patios. For driveways, use pavers 50-65mm thick. Ordinary house bricks can also be used as pavers.

By varying the color and pattern, and perhaps introducing some curves, the results with pavers can be spectacular. Do try to avoid having to cut too many bricks. A brick that is cut by a carborundum wheel in a circular saw is suitable for most pavers.

Source:Easy Home Projects

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