Sep 23, 2022

How to Turn Your Home into a Vacation Rental

 A sign For rent hung up on a window.

Have you been thinking of renting out your home but weren't sure where to start when it comes to turning your house or flat into a vacation rental? If the answer is yes, keep on reading. Recent years have seen a rise in the profitability of the vacation rental industry. Worldwide, second homeowners are having great success with short-term rentals. Offsetting costs and giving their property a use while it's not in use are the reasons why some people are in for it. Others want to make money with a reliable supplementary source of income. Whatever your motivation, you can't just transform your second house into a rental property for tourists overnight. Follow our guidelines below to find out how to turn your home into a vacation rental.

Buy More of the Essentials

In contrast to individuals just starting out with a new property, you really have an advantage when you decide to transform your house into a vacation rentalYou probably already have a few crucial things on hand that guests might need for a comfortable stay. However, checking each room individually is essential to ensure you deliver the right inventory for each stay. With just a tiny investment in your home, you can improve it and make it more appealing to tourists visiting your area.

Remove Your Family Pictures

Visitors to vacation rentals want to feel like it's their home away from home, not someone else's when they arrive.

A string of photos and postcards with the best memories.
Remove family photos from your vacation rental home. Otherwise, your guests might feel like they’re intruding on personal space.

Before taking pictures of your home and opening the door to visitors, remove family photos and other sentimental artifacts. The location you design from scratch will become a place that any visitor can picture themselves enjoying, which will eventually result in more reservations.

If you need help with storing items from your home, you can always turn to professionals in your area for additional help and advice. Experts from advise making sure you choose one of the best moving companies in Florida to help you with packing, storing, and moving your valuable possessions.

Specify House Rules

Make sure your home has a vacation rental agreement and house rules. A rental agreement should be in place from the beginning for the benefit of both you and your visitors as well as to prevent future problems. Include any restrictions on the guest's stay and usage of your property, as well as details like cancellation procedures or complete contact information for both parties.

It's far simpler to say than to do to establish regulations for your holiday rental. How many regulations are too much? How few are too many?

Put yourself in the visitor's position while establishing regulations. Consider information about your rental and the community that they would need to know. 

To ensure that your visitors are aware of how to properly utilize your home, you should also consider creating a list of house rules. Include information about where to recycle, any noise limits, where to park, etc. House regulations should be displayed prominently, such as on the refrigerator. We advise putting them in a welcome book as well. 

A sign Please shut the gate on the entrance gate. You can’t turn your home into a vacation rental without having established some house rules first.
Whatever your house rules are, make sure that you display them somewhere your visitors can clearly see them

And don’t forget that the No.1 rule is to make your guests feel at home. You can easily do that by simple gestures such as leaving a vase of fresh flowers or some fruit and snacks that hungry travelers would definitely appreciate.

Make a Calendar of Available Times

When do you even suspect that you'll be using your property—birthdays, graduations, family weekends? Start by predicting how frequently you'll visit so that you won't have to worry about it becoming booked by visitors during those times if you're concerned about renting out your property and losing the ability to come whenever.

After that, schedule dates on a calendar of your availability. When the time comes, if you decide you won't be staying, after all, you can always reopen the calendar and allow visitors to make reservations.

Get a Lockbox or Keyless Entry For Check-ins

When a visitor arrives at a property, the biggest problem that might arise is not being able to enter the rental. If you want to be sure that guests can enter the home easily, think about having a lock box or keyless entry system.

The keys to the house are kept in a lockbox, whereas a keyless entry system only requires a little code to open the door. Both contribute to ensuring a smooth check-in, which is a crucial aspect of the visitor experience. The visitors' first impressions can be ruined if the check-in process is problematic or challenging for them.

Make Your Home Thoroughly Clean

You must do a thorough cleaning before allowing visitors to your house.

Simply washing the linens from each bed and scrubbing the counters with a bit extra vigor won't suffice for a comprehensive cleaning. A deep clean entails passing the entire house from top to bottom. 

Cleaning services are a terrific asset when you launch your vacation rental business, even though some homeowners like to do this independently. Before opting for a professional cleaning service, do some research first and ensure your chosen business is reliable.

Decide On the Prices

Pricing too high or too cheap when you first start might cost you money in the long run. The best course of action is to research your closest rivals; you'll soon learn how much visitors are ready to spend for a local vacation rental with features comparable to your home.

The next best thing to living in Sunny Isles Beach is owning a rental property there. If you have ever considered having a vacation rental, Sunny Isles Beach is a great location for this

Remember any significant outlays you made to turn your rental into a successful enterprise. Additionally, it is advised to adjust your price approach according to the season (most destinations have high and low seasons). You may even employ revenue management and dynamic pricing systems, which can automatically change your prices based on factors like competition, occupancy, etc.

Develop and Release Your Listings

Create your property description right away to highlight the most remarkable features of your house. Avoid using cliches like "amazing vistas" or "beautiful," and avoid becoming just "one more listing."

Flower pots and a vase on a window sill. Simple gestures as having some plants in your vacation rental can make your visitors feel more at home.
You can’t turn your home into a vacation rental without keeping it impeccable. People simply love when they see you put effort into keeping everything clean and homey.

Focus on the unique features that set your property apart from your rivals (particularly when it comes to the details), and use storytelling to describe your property to help customers visualize being there. Add high-quality images that demonstrate your offerings from various perspectives to your ads. But before doing that, make sure you got your home in perfect order

Once you have completed all of the preparations mentioned above, choose which platforms, including your website, to list on.

Final Thoughts on How to Turn Your Home into a Vacation Rental

Although it is an exciting process, to turn your home into a vacation rental, you will need to put in a lot of effort. Making the transition from personal to a business property is only one part of the problem; to attract guests, generate income, and outperform your rivals, you'll also need to become more strategic and organized.

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Sep 3, 2022

7 Tips for Making Your Home a Soothing Oasis

 A sign with a home sweet home written on it. 

Having a home where we feel calm and safe is very important, especially if you're going through challenging times. Struggling with psychological hardships such as battling addiction, for example, requires both support from friends and family and a safe haven to go to and weather the emotional storm. Achieving mental balance and keeping it, particularly while dealing with serious issues, is a process with many ups and downs. Experts in psychology say that our surroundings significantly impact our mental stability and strength. This refers to both our relationships with other people and our interaction with the environment we spend time in. Making your home a soothing oasis can help you stay balanced and happy. Without further ado, here are some tips on how to do that. 

Declutter your home, and you will declutter your thoughts

This one is simple. The chaos around you disturbs your mind. Regardless of whether something is troubling you or not, too much unnecessary stuff randomly thrown around the house is unsettling for everyone. The process of decluttering will not only liberate your home and make your life easier, but it will also be good physical exercise. Being active is an integral part of mental recovery, so decluttering will help you in multiple ways.

Making your home a soothing oasis requires plants

The importance of nature for a human being is often overlooked. Nature has a unique and subdued method of returning the balance where there is none. Fill your home with various plants and watch how their presence soothes you. Caring about these silent and green roommates will also be therapeutic. You may even find it pleasurable and continue doing it more elaborately as a hobby. Apart from the mentioned benefits, plants are both a beautiful addition to any home from the interior design point of view. They also produce oxygen and make your home healthier, so there is no reason not to arrange some of them around your home.

A corner of a room with many different potted houseplants
Plants are extremely useful for making your home a soothing oasis

Design a comfortable area for socializing with friends and family

Whenever people go through difficult moments, whether physical or psychological, the first reaction of most is to shut themselves away from everyone. The experts on battling addiction from say this is the wrong approach. No one should try to go through any hardships alone, especially those related to health. For that reason, make an effort to create a socializing area in your home that you will frequently use. A relaxing setting in your backyard involving candles, cozy chairs, cushions, and glasses of the same color would make you and your friends feel as if you were at some exciting location somewhere. Your friends and family will love to visit you and spend time in your little sanctuary, and you will feel better while having company. The investment is much smaller than the reward. 

A woman sitting by the window feeling sad, which is something that can be reduced by making your home a soothing oasis.
Avoiding people is worse when dealing with emotional troubles, so create a space great for socializing with friends and use it for that purpose

Use the colors that promote pleasant feelings

Colors have a powerful role in the forming of your emotions. Although there are various theories about what colors exactly invoke certain feelings, it is best to do some practical research of your own. There are many showrooms where you can view various colors on the walls and decide how you feel about each one. The general rule is that brighter and neutral colors are soothing and bring good energy. But you might feel very serene when looking at a bright red wall each day. Do a bit of theoretical research online and then do some practical sampling. Surely you will find a combination of colors that will make your house a relaxing haven for your eyes.

Put out of sight bad times memorabilia

Items that bring back memories can be tricky. Some can be used as an abstract anchor that brings us gound us after an agitated fit. Yet, there are items we keep on display even though they cause us pain whenever we look at them, even for a moment. Such are the wedding photos after the divorce. An item from our past that brings back memories of the days we are not proud of is detrimental to a person in a painful stage of the healing process. Our advice is to carefully filter through all that you own and see around your home often and remove those things that do not positively affect you. This can be temporary or permanent, which you will decide once you are fully healed and ready to revisit the past.

Create a corner for your hobby and relaxation

The time you spend alone with yourself is of utmost importance. Letting your thoughts wander uncontrollably is not a good idea if you still haven't reached the mental balance you seek. Instead, fill your alone time with things you enjoy doing. Make sure you channel your thoughts in the right direction. Arrange a quiet area that is secluded, such as an attic, a corner of your bedroom, or a spot under the tree in your yard. Put comfy pillows and a chair and heal your thoughts. Meditation is a great way to unwind, for example, and so is listening to relaxing music or painting. It's also a great way to help you if you're struggling to find an anchor, like during addiction treatment. You can try numerous activities, such as reading or putting together a ship model. Whatever your favorite may be, arrange this relaxation corner by it and let go of all worries there.

A woman sitting at a table in a garden reading a book, having coffee with a computer next to her.
Create a cozy corner of your home or yard where you can spend quality time alone.

Introduce more light

Finally, to bring more light into your soul, introduce more light into your home. Just like with colors, light has a quiet yet powerful way of impacting your emotions. The amount and intensity of light can affect your sleeping as well as your overall energy levels. Too much darkness can summon depression which is never a good thing. This is especially true for people recovering from a psychological and physical rollercoaster. Some individuals may find spending time in shadier areas soothing, but most people brighten up when the space is brighter. 

To bring more light into your home, you could replace the more opaque curtains with fully transparent ones. The furniture pieces blocking the light may have to be relocated too. Where these solutions are not applicable, install more light fixtures. So if you are set on making your home a soothing oasis, the rule related to light is – the more, the merrier.

Final thoughts

Everyone should feel safe in their home, both literally and figuratively. If you are going through difficulties, this is all the more important. With just a bit of effort put into making your home a soothing oasis, you may significantly improve the chance of success of your journey to recovery. Therefore, it's an effort worth making. 

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