Sep 21, 2018

Declutter Your Home In 21 Days

Clutter can ruin the appearance of your home so it’s important to keep on top of it. This infographic from HappyCleans examines how you can make your home clutter free in just 21 days. So many people keep items that they no longer need. Many of these items would be best placed in the bin but for some reason we keep them ‘ in case we need it’. Other items in the house would be perfect to donate to charities such as clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you don’t read, or even DVDS you haven’t watched in years.

Minimalism is what’s in these days and cluttered houses are more associated with old fashioned houses. Many of us will have images of visiting our grandparents and they tended to have random accessories just scattered throughout the house that probably haven’t been touched in years.

The other great thing about having less clutter is that it makes your house way easier to clean on a regular basis. Clutter gathers dust and it can be extremely time consuming to dust each item one by one.  It will be a much less daunting task if there are less ‘things’ to clean in your home. Check out the full infographic now.

Click this to get bigger size : Declutte Your Home in 21 Days Infographic

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