Sep 10, 2018

An Essential List of the Top Questions You Should Ask a Plumbing Service

Amongst the list of services that we need for our homes, plumbing services are one of the most essential. That is true whether you're having a new home built or you're experiencing plumbing issues in your current home. The importance of finding the right plumber or plumbing service is paramount, especially when you're dealing with an emergency situation. But while there may be numerous plumbing services out there, each purporting to be better than the next, how do you know if they are going to give you an excellent service? Research is critical, but more than this, it would be best if you could ask the plumbing service some questions as well. Here, then, is a list of the top questions you should ask a plumbing service.

How qualified are your plumbers?

First, you should ask your prospective plumbing service whether or not their plumbers are qualified. Under UK law, all gas engineers should register with Gas Safe, and for this, they need to provide proof of their experience and competence.

If they answer that their plumbers are all Gas Safe Registered, this is already a good sign. It means that the plumbers are legally qualified and professionally qualified to undertake plumbing jobs. For more proof, you can ask to see their ID – it will show the details of what they can work on as well.

Do you have insurance?

Another essential question is whether they can offer insurance for their services. The qualified engineer should have adequate insurance cover for the work they are doing, particularly if anything becomes damaged. Insurance will serve as your protection in case anything untoward happens, and it will help you avoid any disputes in the future.

Do you offer free quotes?

The good news is that many plumbing services offer free, no-obligation quotes – but it's still better for you to confirm it, so you don't have to deal with hidden fees later on. On a side note, you can even look for a plumbing service which can offer you the opportunity to request a quote online, such as plumbers from Crouch End like BBS Plumbing Heating Service. That can help you save you lots of time and effort as well. 

How will you compute the pricing?

Knowing how the plumbing service computes the pricing for the job is also essential so you can compare different quotes from various companies. If they can give you a reasonable, detailed estimate of the costs of the job, this shows that they are honest and straightforward and will not burden you with excess fees.

How can I make the payment?

Another essential question to ask would be how they expect you to make the payment. For instance, do you need to pay a deposit? How much of the job's total cost do they need upfront? Every plumbing company will have different policies regarding payment, so it's best for you to know this information in advance so you know what to expect and you can adequately prepare.

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