Sep 22, 2018

5 Things to Avoid While Buying Brisket Knife

If you are a non-veg person, it is no wonder that you are favorite meat dishes’ list includes smoked beef brisket. I believe we all will agree that it is one of the most delicious beef items to have at home or any restaurant. Besides it always takes the first place while choosing party dishes at our home. And it is always pleasure to cook brisket and smells it mouthwatering smoky flavor all the time.

Today I am here to help you to be more capable to prepare Brisket with lot more ease than the way you did it at past.

It is true that the most crucial part to in the process of preparing the Brisket is cutting the Brisket smoothly and finely. Most of the times we get stuck cutting the fine pieces and our whole effort behind the dish get ruined.

Obviously you have to be conscious while cutting the pieces. Besides one factor that is always very impactful but we usually don’t take that matter seriously which is the perfect and précised brisket knife.

You see we always try to cut the brisket like the way professionals chefs do in their restaurant. But we fail. The thing professionals never negotiate is the brisket knife.

We often learn from various sites’ and buy knives. Today I am going to give some tips to get the best knife for cutting brisket. And you won’t get manipulated by the reviews of the websites. So the things you must avoid while buying brisket knives:

1.      Slippery handle
The number of Brisket knives available in the market comes with fancy plastic handle mostly that looks very good and modern. But the problem with most plastic handle it is very slipper and you will get troubled while cutting the brisket.

So make sure to buy some composite material handle that is non-slippery. One more thing, always avoid wooden handle because it is very slippery and can only be operated by professional chefs. Though it looks good but you must avoid it.

2.      Electric Brisket knife
These days we see lot of buzz about the electric brisket knife. As we are really fond of electric appliances of kitchen, it is obvious that we will get fascinated with electric Brisket knives.  It takes less time to cut and less effort to make the brisket. But it is not easy to operate for all. If you are not expert it is not a good decision to use it.

You won’t be able to perform precision cutting and the meat will get scattered badly. And you won’t be able to eat that.
So according to me it is always best to use the classic one in case of brisket knives. Even the professionals don’t use electric knife.

3.      Straight Brisket Knife Blade
There are several types of blades in the market in case of brisket knives. In these days we often see various curved blades for cutting briskets. But there are various types of straight blade knives in the market. You can find Serrated blade, Scalloped blade and of course the very advanced Granton blade with the facility of both serrated and scalloped blade knives. These are always the best options to use for cutting brisket.

But the problem is these kinds of knives are little bit costly than the straight blade knives. So sometimes we don’t want to spend much for brisket knives. That’s why we go for straight blade. But this is not wise decision at all.

Remember one thing that it is better to spend more for once to get the best cutting experience whether for easiness or precision in cutting the brisket. So don’t bother to buy straight bladed brisket knives again.

4.      Too much Light weight Brisket Knife
It is not crime to look for a lightweight brisket knife if you are an amateur cook and finds comfort using the knives if it is lightweight.

But the problem to use a lightweight knife is it cannot perform a precise and proper slicing of brisket.  Because the blade will get cranked if you press hardly. And the slices will be bad in shape.  But if you do the same thing with solid and heavy knife it will be perfect as it will put more pressure when cutting the meat

5.      Short Sized Blade
This suggestion is especially for the people who are new in slicing brisket. Try to use a longer sized knife rather than a shorter one. Because you will find difficulty to complete the cutting and you will need to provide more pressure to slice.  So avoid the shorter one for better performance

I always try to give tips to make you chose easily when buying any culinary tools.  I believe if you follow this list you won’t find any problem buying a brisket knife anymore.

One more thing, to make it easier to buy a knife here is some reviews of good knife set. You can choose the best one for you from this list easily.

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