Sep 21, 2018

The Trendy Modern Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse is a relaxing place loved by almost anyone who desires to take a break from the routine city life and spend some quality time in countryside amidst forests and greenery with some vintage pieces to enjoy. A pleasant and soothing feeling that you get at a farmhouse is simply incomparable.

Whether you are decorating your farmhouse or your city home in a farmhouse style, there are innumerable ways to give a trendy modern farmhouse touch to your place. Comfort and simplicity is created by uniqueness to get the required vibe and aura. Although designing a home seems to be a challenging task, it becomes easy if done in a planned manner; for example, as a basic principle, the most important elements with respect to functions should be considered first.

Furniture and Cabinets

Furniture is an integral part of any home and is always on top priority. Neutral color palette is considered most while designing a modern farmhouse. White color in the background walls is an all-time favorite and most enchanting, followed by shades of brown, gray, and bronze. Do not go for overly gaudy colors.

Cabinets, wooden storages, and wired baskets are some of the farmhouse style storage ideas; especially open shelving is a great way to make a home get some farmhouse charm. It’s the cheapest of all since it requires very less material; or if you have existing cabinets, just removing the doors would do the job. Displaying utilitarian items on the wall or on the hook in the kitchen will bring farmhouse beauty to the kitchen. Displaying daily eating items in large jar canisters adds an older feeling to the kitchen. Country furniture and accessories must be both functional and making a statement in the home.

Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an important part of any household. They help keep the air moving at a considerably low cost. While designing, updating, or renovating your farmhouse or your home in a farmhouse style, you should not forget to get some farmhouse style ceiling fans. Rustic style farmhouse ceiling fans with a bit of modern touch offer a combination of rural living and up-to-date modern designs of urban houses. There are a variety of ceiling fans available depending upon the style you want to create in your living space. Farmhouse style ceiling fans are usually more of a rustic touch creating a nostalgic feeling for an old farm. A caged fan design offered by Birch Lane with LED light installed, keeps the home well lit. Fans with inverted bulbs that resemble a jar are also popular in various ceiling fan brands.

Accessories and Antiques

Old weighing scales, metal chairs, and lighting, wooden utensils, cutting wooden boards, and old bells help in getting farmhouse style attractiveness. Use farmhouse style sofas like the Newton sofa, Wright sleeper sofa; farmhouse style lighting like driftwood chandelier, wooden globe chandelier, Brisco candle chandelier, vintage white chandelier; and farmhouse area rugs in every room. Be it a living room, bedroom, or a dining room, a proper area rug adds to the style and blends well with the design. Light gray, beige, and brown colors go well with the rooms with wooden furniture.

Hanging primitive aged wooden items used by farmers to the old rusty chains would take one to the old times. Mason jars can be used as bathroom kits to keep all the daily stuffs like brushes, soap dispensers, cotton balls, Q tip holder, etc. Not to forget antique or old wall piece, farmhouse fabrics that are soft and having floral prints on them makes an addition to the farmhouse styles – vintage wooden canisters to store the daily necessities like flour, pulses, sugars, oats, etc.

Nameplates and Welcome Signs

Name plates or welcome signs made from wooden planks with a roughly written name are a perfect addition to the entryway. Farm animal signs are another good way to welcome friends and family to your farmhouse.

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