Sep 3, 2018

Maxwell Food Centre

This place is absolutely awesome! While sightseeing in Chinatown, my family and I stumbled upon this place and so decided to eat here for lunch. At the time that we were there, it wasn't crowded, so we got our food pretty quickly. The food court consists of a bunch of booths in several aisles. Quite a few vendors were selling the food. We basically ordered from the pictures and they cook it for us right there. Then we bring it back to our table and dig in! First time I ate there, I had tom yum soup and shared a mango salad. The tom yum hit the spot and the mango salad was delicious! The mango was raw enough that it wasn't soggy and it was well seasoned with chili to add a spicy kick.
Whether it's the affable Vegetarian Bee Hoon vendor auntie I go to in the morning to get my lunch ($3 for a very, very sizable serving!), or the auntie-uncle duo that stays open till 10.30 pm dishing out styrofoam plate after plate of ultra-delicious Rojak and Popiah (still $1 a pop!), or the ever-young gyoza 'ah jie' that flashes her timelessly gorgeous smile as you go up to her at 3 am after a night out painting the town red, nurturing your stomach with freshly steamed/fried dumplings (done on the spot!)...

Maxwell Road Hawker Centre has been around for decades, and Singaporeans of all generations have fond memories of it... a small grouse is the disappearance of the good ol' fashioned tau huey auntie and her stall (she has since been spotted selling dim sum/congee, not her fault as she's not the one running it), and the stalls that sell $2 'tau huey' (that's the overly sweet pudding stuff that has horrible flavours). Over-priced, and not something I agree with, really.

As a traveler and freelance writer, it was really important for me to find a quiet place to work. I was working on my first literature summary research (Shakespeare characters, if you're interested in, so I needed to be maximumly concentrated. I and my friends decided to take our first lunch in Singapore at Maxwell Road Hawker and didn't regret that decision!

Since our meal was good AND cheap, we decided to come back for dinner. This time, more stalls were opened, so we had more options. We ordered ourselves some fruit drinks as well. We had sugar cane and soursop drinks. They were so good! The sugarcane drink was freshly squeezed. They squeeze the cane right in front of us. The soursop drink was something that we haven't had before. To our delight, it was extremely refreshing in the humid weather. It was a little sour and sweet, with some meat in it. We liked it so much that we ordered another 2.

I decided to walk around some more to check out the other stalls, and stopped at one that sells cockles. That took me back to my trip to Thailand. I ordered a large order and the guy cooked it right there for us. I will have to say that was, by far, the best cockle I've ever had. They were so fresh, juicy, and sweet. We didn't have to season it with anything. The large order was devoured in no time by the four of us. Needless to say, we came back here again.

All in all, I really enjoyed eating here. This was one of the highlights of our short visit to Singapore. I highly recommend that you eat here. Just be sure to come at their off hours because it gets VERY crowded that it's hard to find seats during their rush hours. Enjoy!

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