Sep 14, 2018

Simple Home Project Ideas to Welcome the New Season

It's a nice idea to switch things up and enhance the look of your home each season. As you prepare to transition to the new season, you can add new accessories and changes to make your home look good on a consistent basis. This will also help you remain proactive in the upkeep of your property.

1. Outdoor Decorations
It's a nice idea to include outdoor decorations in your curb appeal. No, this doesn't mean that you need to pull out the Christmas lights and string them along the outside of the home. Instead, outdoor decorations like potted plants, decorative seating and wind chimes are beautiful accents. You can choose to add corten steel gates. You can even decide that you'd like to add solar-powered lights to line the front yard. A typical idea involves hanging a wreath to decorate the front door. Some of these options involve a few hours of work. Others are simple quick fixes that will only take a few minutes. All of these options will make a big difference in the way your curb appeal comes across.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you want to make a major impact in one of your rooms, consider using a fresh coat of paint to make the difference. You can choose to paint all of the walls in that one specific room. You can also choose to paint one wall and make it a statement wall. Statement walls are typically painted in bold colors. It's also a great idea to consider painting the ceiling of one of the major rooms in your home. If most people tend to congregate in the living room, choose that room as the one that you paint.

3. New Flooring

If you have a foyer in your home, consider replacing the floor in that area. If you have carpet in most of the home, it might be a nice change to add hardwood floors in the foyer. The same concept applies to the bathroom floors or the kitchen floors. Choose a smaller room to change the flooring because it tends to be cheaper to do smaller spaces. Over time, you can decide if you want to transform all of the floors in your home. However, if you want to just make one change for the fall, choose one main space. You can add berber carpet, faux wooden tiles or another beautiful option.

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