Sep 22, 2018

Is Laminate Flooring the Right Option for Your New Sunroom?

When you see the newest invention of laminate flooring, you will notice huge improvement in the past few years. Nowadays, laminate floor covers are much favored and installed in many residences as it provides better looks, better features and better under-foot comfort. Made of different materials with particleboard wood as a main part, laminate planks already become one of the premium floor coverings in home interiors of high end homes. Well, have you ever tried this type of flooring?
Quick-Step Impressive floors
If you plan to make a versatile home addition where you, family members and other close people can carry out different activities inside the added space, feel like being outside while still protected from unpleasant outdoor elements, you might consider to create a sunroom. As said by Wikipedia, a home sunroom is a room that is made –either attached to or integrated into the main house- that allows abundant daylight and landscape views while sheltering from bad weather. Adding a sunroom surely can bring more living space, light and joyfulness to your home!

As described by its name, any sunroom will be exposed to sunshine, thus most things inside should be the items that able to take on the common sun light exposure. Yep, the abundant sunrays might cause the discoloration of some items in the sunroom including the floor surface. To avoid paled floors due to UV rays over time, you can try installing Quick-Step Impressive floors, a kind of high quality laminate flooring that resistant to normal level of UV light.  It must be a big relief as you still can let the sunshine in while the sunroom floor keep looking beautiful for years to come. There will be no fading of the floor tone and décor image. It is the right solution indeed and moreover, you are still on the budget.

Each product of Quick-Step laminate flooring offers the extraordinary natural look and feel. Whenever you need the natural touch of floor covers to spice up a room but don’t have the budget for it, you can opt for this laminate floor as the best alternative. If you also want to renew a bathroom, laminate floor is also a good option to install. The innovative water repellent ‘HydroSeal coating’ feature makes it suitable for wet areas and together with the tensile strength of their click systems offer splash-proof against surface dampness. Any water spill will stay still on the surface and the permanent antistatic surface will attract less dust. That’s why keeping laminate floor clean is easy.

Whatever purpose of your sunroom will be; due to its scratch-resistance, wear-resistance and impact-resistance to the high-density fibre (HDF) core boards, this type of laminate flooring will able to support and hold well the whole activities.  Its ultra-resistant top layer protects your laminate floor from different possible incidents such as high foot traffic, impacts of sharp things and falling objects.  No need to worry if your kids run here and there with their toys and pets or your cousin comes in her pointy heels. All you have to do is taking benefits of the floor and enjoying your sunroom.

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