Sep 20, 2018

Should I Repipe My Drain Pipes?

Repiping drain pipes is something most homeowners often overlook, but they really shouldn’t. It can turn out to be a much bigger problem than you may think, for reasons we will discuss in this post.

Drain pipes are responsible for removing waste water from your home and allowing it pass into the city sewer system. While it might seem you don’t need to repipe your drain pipes if the water is being removed from your home, it’s not as simple as that.
This is because this process must be done properly and effectively by the drain pipes. If there are issues like leakage in the pipes, any kind of water damage, growth of harmful agents like mold, clogging issues, as well as any kind of cross-connection between the waste water and drinking water, then they can turn out to be very harmful and dangerous for the health and safety of yourself and your family.

After all, if you and your family end up consuming waste water instead of drinking water due to the cross-connection, then you need not be told what kind of consequences that could have on your and your family’s health.

Now, coming to whether you should repipe your drain pipes or not, then you probably should if you have an older home. This is because older homes often have galvanized steel lines which are known for getting corroded over time.

If this is not taken care of in time, it would eventually result in the lines getting rusted and then ending up encountering leakage issues. When this happens, you may experience an ugly smell coming off from underneath your home, which would be due to the leakage. And if this is not fixed in time, the damage could very well get much worse.

Similarly, it’s also a good time to repipe the drain pipes when remodeling the house. After all, when you’re already investing so much into the project, you wouldn’t want things getting ruined due to drainage issues like the ones we mentioned above.

As for the type of pipes to go for when repiping the drain pipes, cast iron ones are believed to be a great choice. This is because they are very long-lasting, and usually don’t encounter the type of issues the traditional ones do.

They also come with a sound-suppression quality, which is another great plus. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then the ABS pipes would work well too, as they are both durable and considerably less expensive.

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