Sep 6, 2018

Home Improvement Must Have When You Have An Elder In Your Home

Having your aging parents or family members at home makes you feel secure and warm inside knowing they are still there to support and love you. Your duty for them to feel loved and cared for in return is to make sure they receive proper and regular care from those around them. Aside from making sure elders are never left alone in your home and keeping a helpful and experienced caregiver there to keep them company like Houston elderly care, making slight changes to your home for it to be safe and comfortable for your aging loved ones is a must. 

If you have not made your home an old friendly place yet, then here are some tips to keep it comfortable and cozy for your loved ones.

Installing Indoor Home Security Cameras

When you are not around, and you want to make sure that your loved one is well taken care of by your caregiver or other family members who are present, then installing security cameras inside your house will keep your mind at peace. It is your choice whether to install security cameras in plain sight or obscured from view. Make sure you talk to your aging loved one about this as they might have issues with regards to their privacy within the house. It is especially needed if you are too busy and have no time to visit your home and always leave your loved one with another caregiver.

Consider Stair Lifts

Having a two or more storey home can be a struggle for an aging person as some cannot manage to go up the stairs by themselves. Sometimes it might even strain your loved ones when they have to go up the stairs often. Installing a stair lift will be beneficial for you and your loved one because you do not have to monitor them going up the stairs and they will not have to strain themselves either.

However, if you are low on money and cannot afford a stair lift in your house, then it would be best to have everything your aging loved ones need on the ground floor. Making sure their rooms and facilities required like a bathroom are near them, so they do not have to make long trips to get what they need.

Get a Garden in Your Front or Backyard

Your aging loved one would sometimes want to get some fresh air, and they need it too, so making sure you have a beautiful view to look at that is calming and peaceful to the eyes is a must. It does not have to be an entire landscape but having some greenery and plants would lessen the stress of aging. Plus they might also pick up the hobby of gardening. Having something to occupy their time and attention with is a good stress reliever and pastime.

Those are the tips that could help you keep your home friendly, calming, and comfortable for your aging loved ones.

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