Sep 20, 2018

When you buy Samsung refrigerator

History of Samsung

Samsung is a multinational company which has its origin in Korea. It is the largest business conglomerate of South Korea. It was established in the year 1938, at the time of its origin it was just a trading company. In those days it was dealing with food, textiles, insurances etc.  it stepped in the field of electronics by the late of 1960s and by the middle of 1970 it started it ship building industries. By 1980s this company invested in research and technologies. After this it started with making televisions. By the year 1990 this company started to become a multinational company and also became the top brand of selling memory card and 2nd in number in the field if making chipmaker.
Starting of Samsung refrigerator and its contribution to the economy

Samsung refrigerator is the second largest refrigerator in the world. In India it has its manufacturing unit in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It started its operation in India in the year 2003. Samsung was the first brand to launch frost free refrigerator. From the very beginning to till now Samsung had grown so wide that it is employing more than 20 lakhs people all over the world. This company had set a target to become the world top leading company. Every year Samsung launches approx 20 to 30 of its products like micro SD card, mobile phone, cells and batteries, televisions, laptops, refrigerator, washing machines and other smart products. Samsung is the company which is responsible for 20% of South Korea economy.

Here is the list of few Samsung refrigerators

        Samsung RT28K3722UT NL Frost free of 253 liter and it is a double door fridge and it is pricing 22,050. It have a 2 star rating
        Samsung RT28M334R2 this is also a double door of 253 liter and it is pricing 28,500. It has a 3 star rating.
        Samsung RS21HSTWA1/XTL of 600 liter, with side by side door system. It have a rating of 4 star and the price is 84,500.

        Whirlpool 265 liter, have a double door open system with 3 star rating. it is a frost free  refrigerator and the price is 21,100.
        Whirlpool with the pricing of 20,800 has the capacity of 240 liter and it is a triple door fridge and it rated 4 stars.
        Whirlpool with the capacity of 570 liters has side by side door opening system. It have 4 stars rating and the price is 1, 25,000.

So this was the price list of two most selling refrigerators of the world. Compare the prices and the features and buy the one which is worth of money.

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