Jun 30, 2012


Captured at my husband's home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia)
Railways are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! We return ~ E.M. Foster

Jun 27, 2012

Effective Plumbing Services in Melbourne

Faucet leakages such as pipe breakage and sewerage blockages are major problems that definitely require an effective plumbing services Melbourne. Highly qualified and experienced plumbers are what you needed to repair and fix these problems. A lot of people are affected by this problem but cannot help themselves because they lack the knowledge and tools to effectively solve the situation. Fortunately, there were a number of companies that provide services at an affordable and convenient rate.

In older homes, plumbing problems is pretty common. They come in as seems to be a simple task to something more complex. Some small jobs can be handles easily by a handy homeowner, while others are so complex that an average homeowner shouldn’t even begin to consider solving or work on it on their own.

Affected persons look for various characteristics and qualities in a plumber to deliver top class service. These qualities include accessibility, qualifications, and the effectiveness of the services provided. These aforementioned can be gathered from similar persons who have an experience on these kinds of problems. It’s good to research on relevant and useful information that concerns the best plumbing services Melbourne.

So if you have plumbing problems whether major or minor only, there are things that you should certainly consider before you hire a plumbing contractor.

A plumber should have a license, bonded and insured to be doing any kind of work in your home. Major or large plumbing projects require city or town permits and of course sometimes require that the plumber you will hire to perform the work be licensed. If your plumber is licensed, bonded and insured, you can be sure that you are protected if something goes wrong. If a problem occurs as a result of the plumber’s work which is not related to the original problem, the plumbers insurance should protect you.

Experience is one of the most valuable qualifications that a plumber should possess. The more a plumber is accustomed to doing a job, the better he will be prepared to handle any problems or surprises that may occur in the middle or during the project. Experienced plumbers gained some of the knowledge and skills in handling different problems over a number of years. They are also able to provide the best services due to their level of qualifications acquired. Though experience may cost you a higher rate, it will be more likely to get the job done much faster and efficiently.

References maybe is the most important. Of course, you want to know and hear personally from someone how the plumber actually works. It is comforting to know that the plumber you’ll hire did a good job, how fast he completes a project, how fair and respectful he is, etc.

There has to be a guarantee that comes along with the plumber’s work. A written agreement that guarantees his work for a week, thirty days or ninety days is important. Because if you don’t get a written guarantee covering anything that goes wrong with the work, you might end up paying for a repair again if something goes wrong.

Price is often a big issue when considering home repairs. The cost difference between one plumber to another can be crucial and drastic. In cases like this, it is not wise to choose solely on the price. The lowest priced plumber maybe so because of the quality of work he provides. You want to get the most qualified plumber for the best price rather than any plumber at the best price. A good tip however is, look for those who provide free estimates, and get several estimates from various plumbers to compare.

Plumbing is an important part of your daily living on your home, so you want the work done quickly, properly and most importantly, effective and efficient from a highly qualified plumbing services Melbourne.

Elijah has been blogging about conserving energy and saving the environment for last 3 years. When he is not writing, Elijah work in a plumbing services Melbourne with the technology of installing hot water systems in any kinds of homes and offices.

Jun 25, 2012

Taro Cake

This cake made from taro or talas Bogor (Colocasia giganteum). Talas Bogor is a tuber-producing plants; grown especially popular in the western part of Indonesia. Before, the tuber can be usually processed with steamed, boiled or fried after cut into small pieces
Taro cake is one of new innovation products made from talas Bogor and I love it. In my city, taro cake is available in various delicious topping; this one is a tiramisu one. It’s not too sweet and soft to eat .

The original talas or taro /image:food.detik.com/

Jun 23, 2012

A Bamboo Bridge

A bamboo bridge at a restaurant with watery view.

Jun 22, 2012

Decorate Your Living Room with Antique Looking Table

Antique furniture items and showpieces usually remind us of the ancient time, and bring us more close to our tradition and culture. Some people have related antique items to the nostalgia of the grand past. The choice of antique furniture also exacerbate your individual personality. In the modern society, use of antique items in the interior decoration has become a symbol of class and status. However, a large number of people are fond of using antique furniture and showpieces in their living room to grab other’s attention. Such furniture pieces not only enhances the ambience, but also brings an overall charm in the room.
If you belong to a category of antique lovers, then Farm tables should be your obvious choice. You can use these tables at the time of family gatherings, and other occasions celebrated at home. Farm tables are considered to be an ideal furniture piece for outdoor celebrations, especially while organizing a lazy brunch with your friends or while having a family barbeque dinner in your lawn. These tables are comparatively large and gives you ample of space for serving a variety of dishes, including a surprise dish. Your guest will be delighted to dine on this unquestionably impressive table. You never know, if all your friends and family members feel nostalgic and start remembering their old childhood days that they’d spent in farms and countryside while dining on this majestic table.

There are several types of farm table available in different shapes, sizes and textures. The best part of these tables is that being rustic they still do not give the impression of shabby look, rather look classy and entique in all respects. You can either go for a lightweight late nineteenth century table or choose a heavy and regal seventeenth century table. Tablets with wear marks and sign of aging cost a bit more than normal ones. But, every penny you would spend on it will surely mesmerize you and your guests.

How to buy this antique looking table

If you are planning to buy a Farm table, the first thing that you should keep in mind is to verify the authenticity of the dealer. If you do not have a perfect idea to judge an antique then you might pick something which is not original. To avoid such situations, you can look for most trusted and reliable antique warehouses and dealers in your town that are known for their authenticity.

You will be able to find several good websites dealing in antiques. Making a quick online search will you to find number of online antique dealers. Simply browse their website and look for your favorite product. You can contact them and get the price estimation.

You can also visit the showroom or antique warehouses and look for a variety of farm table available at the store. This way you can satisfy your query of quality and condition of the product by seeing it in front of you before finalizing your deal.

Jun 21, 2012

Benefits of Selling Your Home at Auction

There are many benefits to selling your home at auction, one of them being that you can possibly get a much higher selling price for your home if there is a lot of interest in your property.  In regards to making the decision to either sell your home through an agent or go to auction you can seek the advice of the real estate agent, talk to your family or enlist the help of conveyancing services.  There will be a conveyancing fee but it is worthwhile getting their help in this important process and will attract owner occupiers as well as people wanting investment property in Sydney.

Buyers are ready to buy

You will also have people at an auction who are just there to watch proceedings, such as your friends, family and neighbours, but an auction will attract genuine people who are ready to buy.  They will have organised their finance and will know exactly what they have to spend.  An auction eliminates the 'tyre-kickers' as those who are bidding will be ready to buy. You will also get those who are looking for investment property Sydney.

Sell it fast

An auction is a good way to sell your home quickly, unless of course it doesn't meet the reserve price and it is passed in.  An auction date will be set and potential buyers know they have up until that time to look through the property, so rather than leaving it until too late they will get themselves organised before the auction.

Sold at market value

An auction will mean that your property is sold for a true representation of its market value.  The market is influenced by a number of things, such as the number of available buyers, the current economic climate and the value of homes in your area.  The price the auction goes to is a good representation of all these factors.

High level of exposure

By having an auction your home will receive a high level of exposure as the real estate agent must advertise well enough to bring your property to the attention of the buyers. 

Competition increases the price

The amount of competition at an auction can vary.  It will depend on how many people are interested in your home, what the economy is like and whether the housing market is currently stable.  There may be several people interested in your home but don't be discouraged if there aren't many at your auction.  It only takes two people who really want your property to start a bidding war and you are away.

Reduces the amount of open house visits

The frustrating thing about selling your home can be the amount of open house inspections that you have to have, which is usually every weekend until it sells.  You can also have the real estate agent ringing you at odd times saying they have someone who wants to look through the house, which means you need to tidy up and make it perfect for potential buyers.  It can be stressful time.  With an auction people will need to come and see the house but at least there is a set date by which these visits must stop.

Jun 19, 2012

Florence Villas: Luxurious and Affordable Renting

All of us need a distinctive as well as unforgettable vacation. Probably the most pleasant locations are within Italian and it is recommended to think about taking pleasure in your own vacations within Amalfi Coastline Vacation Villas.

These types of villas provide a stunning picture extended across the tremendous mountain shoreline and also the lengthy street together the actual Amalfi coastline reaches the whole Beach associated with Amalfi. You'll encounter among the heavenliest hard disks of the life time, should you may journey within Southern associated with Southwest Florida through Sorrento in order to Salerno and in addition across the well-known

Amalfi Coastline: The increasing as well as slipping street offers a few spectacular sights whilst shifting with the cities as well as towns which have been created over the actual rugged overhangs from the Mediterranean and beyond.
The actual villas for Amalfi Coastline Rental fees provide lots of accommodations which guarantees vacationers using the close to amenities such as resorts, dining places, pubs, memento stores as well as market. Along with each one of these amenities you are able to in no way really feel bored stiff. Amalfi villas can be found in the enjoyable seashore city with regard to lease, along with waterfronts within near surrounding area. It is simple to consider motorboats through right here and may discover much more to determine Isle associated with Capri, Salerno as well as

Positano: Filled with colored courtyards, these types of villas possess lively cottages. The actual zigzag laneways and also the nicely taken care of recreational areas encouraged as well as expose a person using the panorama. Cathedrals can be found close to the villas. From close to 56 kilometers in the Southern associated with Southwest Florida, in the the southern area of finish from the Amalfi coastline, Positano is actually situated. With regard to apartments in Florence leasing reasons, this particular town is actually well-known because it's a hillside town by having a remarkable choice associated with villas. You'll find stores within sequence which range from pubs, restaurants in order to stylish shops, presenting the conventional Italian language environment within spectacular city associated with Positano. A perfect place to start in order to discover Amalfi coastline is actually Monte Tre Cavalli. You'll find a number of other Amalfi villas about the inclines associated with Monte Tre Cavalli.

You'd certainly have a desire holiday from this type of spectacular location regardless of whether you're a few or perhaps a number of 10-20 individuals. Numerous qualities might be observed exactly where 20-30 individuals are accommodated from 1 period. With regard to partners, you will find additional villas to remain. You are able to have a comfortable as well as intimate vacation along with the actual amazing climate as well as environment. Together with Amalfi shorelines the actual Florence villas is just about all additionally associated with excellent worth because you will find such as the exact same locations to go to and revel in along with inexpensive Florencia Condo.

Leasing: The cost with regard to these types of charming shorelines as well as leasing with regard to villas tends to be useful as well as finish your own holiday.

Jun 17, 2012

Kujang Souvenir

I saw this kujang souvenir at a cake shop. Kujang is a blade weapon native to the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia.


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