Jun 9, 2012

Creating a Sense of Space in Your Home

If you have a smaller home, you’ll probably find that you really need to create a sense of space inside, so that you don’t feel too “cooped up.” It’s all just a matter of being a little more clever and creative with your space! 

Choosing Colours

When it comes to designing and choosing the d├ęcor for your small home, use light and neutral colours like whites, creams, beiges and pastels to keep your home feeling bright, big and open. Whites and creams work best for wall colours – generally speaking, stay away from browns and greys, which tend to absorb light rather than enhance it.

When it comes to choosing your furniture, select colours that match well with your walls and floors as well. Bright or stark colours will make a space feel broken up and fragmented, while neutral-toned furniture will blend in more and make your space feel bigger. You can then diversify your major furniture items with more brightly coloured accessories, like lamps, shelves, chairs and side tables.

Let in Natural Light

Light playss a large part in making your small space seem bigger. Lots of natural light is ideal, so open up windows and curtains during the day. This will make your room seem bigger because the barrier between inside/outside has been partially removed. Curtains often feel more ‘flowing’ and open than blinds do, so consider switching your blinds for translucent or sheer curtains and keep the curtains the length of the window. If the view outside is not very nice, decorate the windowsill with plants or other hanging ornaments that are pleasant to look at.

Using Artificial Light   

If you’re short on natural light, consider installing extra lights to brighten your space – for instance, you may want to install a ceiling fan with lights and improve your lighting and ventilation in one. At night, counterbalance ceiling lights with small lamps to take away shadows, which can make your space feel smaller.

Furniture & Storage

Furniture is often your biggest problem in a small home. Trade in your old bulky couch or bed for something smaller or skinnier and keep your furniture against the walls, so it doesn’t divide up space.

It’s also handy to invest in furniture that doubles as extra storage space, such as a bed with drawers underneath or a coffee table with a drawer or skirt for storing magazines and other bits and pieces. Again, use wall space where you can; for instance, could you mount your brand new LG TV on the wall, instead of using an entertainment unit.

In the kitchen, use drawers to keep your utensils and appliances hidden away, so that they don’t take up bench space. You can also consider lots of built-in furniture here to save space, like fold-out kitchen tables and a garbage bin built into the cupboard. 

Mirrors & Glass

Mirrors can help make small spaces look larger. Use mirrors to reflect small spaces or consider changing your regular cupboard doors for glass doors, which will increase the depth of your rooms. If you have an opaque shower curtain or door in the bathroom, replace this with a transparent curtain or glass door, which will make the bathroom look much bigger and more open.

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