Jun 8, 2012

Should IT be In House or Outsourced?

IT services are becoming increasingly important to doing business in a modern world, but, should you have in house or outsourced professionals to save money? The decision can be difficult with both options having their merits as you will save money on outsourcing but having in house IT experts can be a life saver should something go wrong or to do specific tasks such as maintain a web design project.

Saving Money on Outsourcing

Outsourcing isn’t for every company, or indeed, every task that you need to complete within your business. It does, however, let many small to medium sized enterprises find services that they could not afford to do in house. This is especially true in terms of web design and search engine optimisation which would require hiring an expert.

So for your outsourcing money, not only will you get expert products and services, but, you won’t have to pay an ongoing wage. It is also much easier for you to hire and fire outsourced professionals if they are not doing the job you needed done. Likewise, if they are doing a great job you can easily offer them or their company more work.

Developing Systems in House

However, it may depend on what kind of business you are operating and it is hoped that if you were an IT company that you would have professionals in this field. This allows you to develop systems in house that then belong to the company.

It is likely, however, that your IT business is a specialist in one certain area of technology so it might still need outside help in some areas. For example, if you were an anti-virus company you may still need advice on cloud computing for your business, even though you work with computers every day.

If you have a strong IT department then they may be able to develop industry specific IT resources that would then be unique to your business. This is a way of monetising your IT staff as well as creating new products and services for your business or for your existing clients.

Mixing Outsourcing and in House

In the ideal world you will be mixing outsourced and in house IT services. All of the essential services should be in house or, as is the case in most companies, you should have at least one IT professional to oversee the hiring and maintenance of outsourced IT services.

What’s Your Speciality?

When deciding whether to outsource or keep your IT services in house you need to recognise what your speciality is. If you are wasting time trying to market your business online then you should hire professionals and regain your lost hours.

It is essential that you have big projects like web design done properly so it should be done partly in house in consultation with outsourced professionals.

If you continue to do what you are good at while keeping essential IT staff you can save money and be safe from any terrible technology failure!
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