Jun 13, 2012

Correct Lubricants to Use around the House

Lubrication is a crucial part of all home maintenance. It is something which is done in every home because otherwise the screeching becomes incessant. Until you own and maintain a home you will not realise how important this is but there are plenty of different things which you will have to lubricate at some point. Whether you are using lubricant to repair your garage roller door locks or keep your bike running smoothly, it is important to use the right lubricant each time. Remember that using the right lubricant will solve the problem immediately, whereas using the wrong one could cause you unnecessary headaches. Here is a guide to which lubricants you should add to your toolbox to use around the home:

Greases can be used in a number of different ways. They are designed for metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic, and plastic-to-plastic lubrication. Greases provide a high level of lubrication under numerous intense conditions. They work well in heat and at high speeds so they are ideal for power tools and joints. They are also effective in many harsh chemical environments.

Greases make up an effective multi-purpose part of your tool kit. They can be used for most things but it is important to recognise that they are a messy form of lubricant. It is wise to keep such lubricants away from areas which will experience contact with clothes or hands for this reason. Grease is not suitable for use in door hinges or in draws for this reason.

Be sure to dispose of any rags used to apply grease properly because they will be highly flammable and could ignite easily.

Silicone Compounds
Silicone compounds are resistant to oxidation so they work effectively in areas which will be regularly exposed to the weather. Silicone compounds are excellent lubricants for things like doors and hand tools as they will resist oxidation without making things too greasy.

Silicone compounds offer an excellent level of lubrication and will become a useful element of a tool kit. These lubricants can be effectively used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor lubrications. Everything from draws to cupboard doors will benefit from silicone compounds but they cannot be used in oven doors, for example, because of the high levels of heat exposure.

Pastes are utilised mainly where heavy loads are being handled. They have a large concentration of solid lubricants which makes them perfect for things like car hoists and jacks. Keeping your car hoists and car jacks well lubricated is an important practice because a sudden slip could have drastic consequences if you are underneath when they happen.

Pastes are somewhat unsuitable for the majority of uses around the home but they are an essential element if you have any heavy lifting machinery or tools. Keeping these well lubricated is an important element of safety.

Read the label
Many lubricants can be used for a wide range of metal and plastics. It is important, however, not to treat them as an all-in-one solution. Different lubricants will have different results on each of your joints and runners. Be sure to read the label thoroughly before using a lubricant because some are highly flammable and some will dissolve through plastics.
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