Jun 7, 2012

5 Easy Steps to Own a Kit Home

With the price of housing these days going through the roof, most young people have begun to give up hope that they will ever own their own home without being in massive debt. There still is one great option, being kit homes. Kit homes actually are affordable housing options, and provide a sense of security in knowing that not only is it yours, but that you no longer have a landlord who can kick you out on a whim. The following are 5 easy steps to owning your own kit home.


If you want a kit home, there are lots of options out there for you, so you should do a fair amount of research before you decide on a home. Most kit home companies have good websites that allow you to view their different options, and you often also have the ability to customise many of the available kit home designs.  While you are going through your short list of design options, make sure you work out exactly what the cost of each option will be to get to completion.

Choose One

Having done all your research and made all the tough decisions regarding what you want from your dream kit home, you now have to make a decision. When making your decision, keep in mind any future needs you may have for extra space, such as a possible newborn, as you may want to be thinking ahead to how future add-ons could work with the current design.

Make Changes

Once you have chosen a design, you have the awesome opportunity to make some changes if you’d like. Your options aren’t quite endless, though talk to the company whose design you like about what changes are possible. The kit home company will often have some great suggestions as to how to make use of your space to best fit your wish list. It will cost a little more, though being able to even slightly customise your kit home is a huge benefit.

Get Council Approval

To build pretty much any structure you need approval from your local council, so the council will have to approve of the plan you have for your property. Usually the kit home company will be able to assist you with this process, as they are very familiar with what needs to be done. This is usually just to make sure that what you want to build will be structurally safe, and of course fees are involved in getting this done.

Build It

The big advantage of kit homes is that they are far easier to build than a regular house and you can do a lot of the work yourself, saving you lots of money. The kit home company generally won’t organise the assembling of your kit home for you, so you will likely need to hire a builder to get the home built. Putting a kit home together is far quicker and easier than a regular house, so you won’t have to spend a fortune getting it done. This means you will be living in your new home sooner, and still with money enough to start furnishing it.
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