Jun 13, 2012

So Your Chair is Killing You?

If you are reading this, it means that you have the same question on your mind, and question comes on our mind for a reason… perhaps you are an employee and experiencing back pain these days? Well then you are just at the right place to find the solution to your problem.

So you work at your office, in a controlled cozy environment.. sitting on a chair that gives comfort to your back for eight long hours.. wait is it really for the comfort of your back or just making you prone to various health problems? It’s shocking right? Wondering how a comfortable chair could possibly harm you? Sure you do… well reports have shown us that those who spend most of the time sitting are 54% more likely to die from heart attack, this study was carried out for 13 years on 17000 men and woman and finally showed up a shocking result. It doesn’t matter whether you do exercise or not, whether you are a smoker or a non smoker, if you spend most of the time in a day sitting on a chair, there is a big chance that you would experience heart attack, well 54% is a big chance indeed.

By now you might be thinking ‘Oh, I am not an employee so I don’t need to worry for all these stuff’… well things are just not going to work out so easily. The result applies same to everyone, whether you sit on a chair at your office, or just at home while watching T.V with a bag of Crisps, it’s all same. Thing is that when you stand up the micro muscle movement that happens to keep you balanced on the ground, burns a little bit of energy , but when you sit on a chair, you just do nothing , now think about your daily activities, actually how much time do you spend standing? Still wondering why the rate of heart attacks has increased so much? I guess that’s why bar tenders don’t die from heart attack.

So let’s make a strategy so that chair and sofa s won’t be able to kill us

1. Take a break- Well do take breaks while working at your office, how about taking two water breaks an hour, go to  the water fountain and grab your drink, it’s a good excuse for standing up and at the same time your body fluid remains balanced.

2. Stop receiving phone calls while sitting on your chair, you may want to go outside to receive the calls, also it will give you a break as well.

3. Ask your authority for providing you a standing desk, you see if you don’t have a chair to sit, then you will slowly develop a habit of working while standing, going to be beneficial for the rest of your life.

4. Instead of calling a person next to your room, go to him and talk.

If you are taking this seriously, then you will not try to find any more opportunity to park your back on a sofa or a chair just like that, well I can at least hope for that. How ever if you still think that sitting is not going to affect you…then it’s just up to you.

Dan has been associated with home improvement for several years and he now loves to share his experience through his articles about stand up desk,  standing desk, home improvement, sophisticated furniture etc.
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