Jun 16, 2012

Getting Inspiration for Your Home Makeover

It doesn’t matter how you do it, you need to be inspired so you can make the most of your home. If you don’t, you are wasting a tremendous opportunity to be happy and enjoy the place you spend so much of your free time. There is an endless amount that you can do, from mixing up the furniture to switching to open-plan living. As long as you’re not too scared to try something new, your home will feel like a refreshed and revamped place.


Whether you subscribe to an interior design magazine yourself or just drop in at your local library and check out theirs, interior design, and ‘home and garden’-type magazines can be fantastic ways to find inspiration for doing something at your own place. Even just checking out the magazines at the doctor’s office waiting room can lead to a flash of inspiration.

The ideal holiday is one of relaxation, and one that you come home from feeling inspired, so choose your holiday destinations carefully and always do your best to immerse yourself in the local culture. Checking out Aboriginal art in Alice Springs, or inner-city graffiti art in Melbourne can trigger an idea that will be amazing at your place, and don’t forget to scope out how your serviced apartments or B&B accommodation make use of art to create an effect.

Friends’ Homes

Any time that your friends have some work done at their place, offer to help out if you have any spare time and be sure you check out the finished product. There is a good chance that anything your friends have done, you could afford to do too, so have a good look at what they are doing, and see if it makes you think of something awesome you can do at your place.

There are more than a couple of home renovation shows on television which can provide you with simple and useful information, so tune in if you have time and see if the episodes might relate to your place. It is always interesting to see people doing creative things with their homes, and these shows can do a fantastic job of making people want to get stuck in.

Trade Shows

While they can be overwhelming large and busy, trade shows can be the perfect way to get inspired. You will get a small taste of a huge variety of different businesses’ latest ideas. Some times the best thing to do is just take the information from each vendor and then read it all at home. If you are lucky you can get occasional opportunities to talk to some industry professionals about your ideas.

The more fun you have with your home’s makeover, the better it will look, so rather than putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, just enjoy the transformation process. If it doesn’t work out right, you can always change it again later, so relax and see how much of your home’s hidden potential you can unlock.
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