Jun 5, 2012

Flooring Options for Verandas and Patios

If you’re designing or redoing your veranda or patio, there is a large range of outdoor flooring options you can choose from.


Timber decking is a common choice for verandas and patios. Hardwood timbers are considered to be very durable when treated and are effectively resistant against the elements and against insects. If your veranda or patio does not have a roof, though, timber decking will need to be regularly maintained and can need re-staining and re-sealing every few years.

Composite Decking

An even more popular option for outdoor flooring, however, is composite decking. Composite decking is made from a blend of natural, recycled materials and is highly durable and environmentally friendly. It’s also very easy to install, if you are planning a DIY job and it is very easy to keep clean. Composite decking is also insect resistant and fire resistant and won’t rot or decay.

However, note that composite decking is not ideal for structural or load-bearing work. Composite decking is also not repairable, so if it does sustain any damage, the materials must be fully replaced. Some people also find composite decking less durable than real hardwoods.


Bamboo is fast becoming a popular flooring choice for home owners, particularly for those wanting natural floors with a beautiful finish. Bamboo can be used in both indoor and outdoor flooring, including decks, verandas and patios and is very easy to install. Bamboo is a top choice for builders as it very dense and has the same finish as a hardwood floor. Depending on which type of bamboo you choose, it can be very low maintenance. However, just like a hardwood floor, bamboo can be damaged by moisture.

Tiles & Bricks

Tiles, bricks and paving are very popular when it comes to patios, but they can be used in verandas too. The benefit of paving is that it gives you the freedom to create the look or pattern you want for your flooring area.

As bricks are easy to install, brick flooring for your patio or veranda is a durable and inexpensive choice. Ensure you use bricks that are weather resistant and slip resistant. If you are installing tiles, ensure that they are slip resistant too. Porcelain tiles are generally better for outdoor flooring, since they absorb moisture and water.

Concrete & Stone

Stone and concrete are highly durable options for your veranda or patio flooring, though your veranda may not be sturdy enough for concrete. Stone and concrete pavers are regularly used as flooring and they are cheaper than most other options. If you want your patio or veranda to mesh with your garden, stone pavers can also be used to create stepping stones or pathways. Other options include flagstone, cobblestone and kota stone, to provide a more luxurious look.
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