Jun 14, 2012

Keeping Your Home Cooler without the Cost

 When the summer kicks into high gear and those scorching hot days become the norm, you have to be able to find a way to cool down. If you don’t want to shell out a huge amount of money for air conditioning you are going to need to get creative, and the following are just some of the ways you can be keeping your home cool without the cost.

Close Up During the Day
Keep that hot, stifling air out by closing up your home early on in the day before the temperature gets too warm. Keeping windows, doors, blinds and curtains closed will be allowing the cool air to stay in and keep the warm air out, and the earlier you close everything up, the easier it will be to keep cool inside. On really hot days the temperature inside will still get warm, but it will be far better than if you hadn’t closed everything up, and it might mean you are able to keep cool with just a small electric fan.

Open Up at Night
Once the day has finally cooled off later in the evening, open up your home as much as you can, and allow the cooler air to come through your place. A cool breeze can completely refresh the air in your home, and allow you to manage to cool down enough in order to get some sleep. Security screens provide a fantastic way to keep your home open to the cool air at night without leaving your home vulnerable, so if you don’t have secure screen doors and windows, it is well worth investing in some.

Pull Up Those Carpets
Carpets are great during the winter when you are looking for more warmth, but in the summer they can make it extremely hard for your body to cool down. So for the sake of keeping cool in your place, get rid of those carpets. Tiles, hardwood, vinyl, slate, polished concrete or even cork will all help keep you cooler on those crazy hot days, so regardless of what you choose, pull up those carpets.

Take Advantage of Any Help
Once in a while a brief storm in the middle of the day can provide some much needed relief and drop the temperature a few degrees, so if you are home when this happens, take advantage of the help and open up your home so it can cool down. Open up as much as you can without getting anything soaked, and if the storm passes quickly and the weather starts warming up again, close your home up once more.

The key to staying cool at home in the summer is to prevent it from getting hot in the first place, as well as take advantage of natural cooling cycles. By choosing an alternative to air conditioning you will be saving money as well as the environment, so put a bit more thought into how you plan to stay cool this summer, and you’ll be glad you did once the mercury starts to rise.
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