Jun 6, 2012

Lighting Up Home Security

Home security is a big issue for many of us. We not only want to feel like our family is safe and protected, but we want to ensure our home is a place where we can feel comfortable and secure. We’ve all seen television programs about Hollywood’s big mansions, flooded with spotlights and bright security lighting, a guard at the front gate and hi-tech alarm systems which transmit video footage to a monitor but we can’t all afford that. Nor would many of us want to – after all, if your home becomes something that resembles a prison, what’s the point?

So how do you achieve a reasonable level of security that will mean you and your family are safe, but you don’t have to remember countless codes, run from one door to the next when you get home, and head to the police station if you forgot your keys and don’t have ID?

1. Lighting
The first step is to increase your lighting. Security lighting, triggered by movement, is an excellent way to deter would-be-criminals, and alert you to the presence of someone on your property. This level of security is inexpensive, easy to find and only requires installation by an electrician. Combine it with locks on your windows and secure entry ways, and you can feel safe and secure in your own home. This form of lighting also makes it safer for guests who are visiting in the evening, but doesn’t involve keeping the light on all night.

2. Video
The next step up is ‘back-to-base’ security. This basically involves the use of video and sensors, which are transmitted back to a security office somewhere not too far away. If the sensors are activated, the guard is alerted and they send a car or let the police know you may need assistance. Don’t be worried, they are equipped for false alarms, so they normally ring the contact number you have provided before setting off to save you.

3. Animals
It may seem old fashioned, but a dog can be a big deterrent. Would you enter the yard of a house where you could hear an angry animal? If you train your dog well, they will not bark all night, so sounds of unrest will generally indicate that something is going on outside.

4. Get in Control
One of the most advanced options hands the reins over to you. Automating your home means you have access to footage and to controls in the house whenever you want to. This means if you are away and feeling uneasy, you can simply turn on the computer, log in and direct cameras in your home to show you live footage.

Security is not something to compromise on, so if it is a concern in your area, look at combining some of the above options, or talking to a contractor about what is best for your property’s home security systems.
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neighbor said...

better SAFE than SORRY..

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